Do I deserve it? uwu

Hi hi I just wanted to check with the community I guess to see if what I did or said was correct or not. I just got a chat restriction because people reported me for "unsportsmanlike" conduct in the chat. My jungler which was an Amumu ( I find it funny and ironic because he was crying just like the little depressed mummy) said he was not going to gank because no one helped him. I was 1/0/0 early in the game and I didn't need any help at all. But my top ( Kayle ) was dying multiple times against a Darius, which I'm ok with it, but the Amumu didn't want to help so he signals me to help her. I roam to top, and I recall to go back to my lane. I go back and the Amumu decides to gank me. He COMPLETELY misses his Q and blames me for it. I go into all chat and type in "LMAO the Amumu blaming me for missing his Q". Suddenly the enemy Warwick ( Bronze 2 btw ) tells me "Yeah, you didn't engage or fixed his mistakes IDIOT". So I'm playing against an Ezreal, I didn't have enough health or mana to go all-in against him, plus he used his teleport to go under turret. I think its common sense that if you don't have enough resources to fight, and your jungler misses any type of CC he has, that you should probably drop the fight I guess. So I go into chat and type "It´s just like when you missed your ulti and I flashed to my turret, your Ezreal couldn't do nothing IDIOT". As the game progresses the Warwick and Amumu really have it against me. Saying stuff like "Omg wow Zoe much skill nice damage", and the Amumu saying "Plz report Zoe". So by now I'm tired of the Amumu´s BS and I go to all chat and type "LMAO he wants to report me but he said he's not going to help us and now he´s AFK". When he comes back he say´s "My daughter was crying and I went to check on her". So I type "LMAO his daughter has been crying all game just like him" ( since he has been refusing to help the team ). So now the Warwick talks about how he has a child coming, that talking s*** about people´s kids isn't cool. And even the other enemy team members that had been quite now typed "Not kawaii at all" ( because my username is Beyond Kawaii lolz ). And now the Amumu said, "wow I had to mute her now she´s talking s*** about my daughter". The Warwick goes into "I´m also a dad, I know how it is, she´s disrespectful" blah blah blah. So by now I just quit typing or bringing anything of the matter up in the chat. I honestly give 0 wards about the Amumu or the Warwick being parents. I also believe that by saying that he cries as much as his little girl, I'm not disrespecting or talking s*** about her. But when the Amumu A) Says he will not gank B) Blames his team for his bad plays, and C) Goes farming while the enemy destroys our base, and says he will not help, I feel entitled to talk back to his comments and overall just defend against anything he said or did against our team. The game ended, our support (Brand) says "ill report whoever my ADC reports". Which I find it to be BS because he didn´t even type in the chat, was not at all helpful in the game, and was a victim of the Amumu´s tantrum and griefing. The ADC was cool saying that there was no one to report and gg etc. So by now, I´m believing only the Amumu and Warwick reported me ( since I was duo with our top laner). I don´t know how that got me to chat restrictions, but it's like so unfair in like sooooo many levels. I was never allegedly negative towards my team, I was only stepping up to the Amumu´s attitude. I believe he only reported me because he got his feelings hurt because he was having a bad game and is overall trash anyway. The Warwick? I have no idea why he was suddenly coming after me calling me an idiot saying I'm an idiot. He´s trash too anyway, maybe that's why he also got his feelings hurt. Don´t get me wrong, I'm trash too and I don't believe I'm better than no one, but when 2 dads come after me over getting their feelings hurt in a game, and one ruining our game and blaming me for really? I´m bringing up they are fathers believing they are old enough, and saying that if they are old enough, they should be more mature over some kids not helping them in a game and ruining it for everyone. Maybe they´re like depressed or something IDK, but acting like little kids and griefing in a game? Thank u, next. The penalty is only like 10 games anyway. I won´t be able to tell the enemy team to stan loona but at least I could spam it once every 5 minutes? Lol. But still, it´s not only the Amumu or Warwick, but it´s also more constant players that get their feelings hurt and ruin games for everyone. I just don't think its fair at all. Do I deserve it or nah?{{sticker:sg-lulu}} In-Game Beyond Kawaii: ezreal remind me of my bf lol Beyond Kawaii: hai ezreal Beyond Kawaii: lets have fun <3 Beyond Kawaii: he loves art, and he didnt knew i liked him until like 5 months x_X Beyond Kawaii: either that or im just obsessed like zoe Beyond Kawaii: no thank you? Beyond Kawaii: next time ill heal myself :c Beyond Kawaii: so i have to gank amumu? Beyond Kawaii: lmao Beyond Kawaii: ok Beyond Kawaii: lets ff in 3 minutes Beyond Kawaii: why not? Beyond Kawaii: you dont want to play the fucking game Beyond Kawaii: i might aswell go afk if you dont gank Beyond Kawaii: you miss your q? Beyond Kawaii: and its my fucking fault? Beyond Kawaii: follow up to what? Beyond Kawaii: he fucking teleported Beyond Kawaii: he said why i dint follow up when he missed his q Beyond Kawaii: THE EZREAL TELEPORTED BACK TO HIS TOWER Beyond Kawaii: its like when you missed your ult and i flashed to under tower :) Beyond Kawaii: idiot Beyond Kawaii: no one blamed him for nothing LMFAO Beyond Kawaii: he says play the game but afks, says hes not ganking, and objects from helping our team Beyond Kawaii: his daughter been crying the whole game just like him Beyond Kawaii: just like he did? Beyond Kawaii: report me, riot reads the chat anyway Beyond Kawaii: no one talking shit about his daughter, im comparing him to crying like a little girl over a game Beyond Kawaii: beyond kawaii lol Beyond Kawaii: "having fun" but says "im not helping anyone" Beyond Kawaii: and im the toxic one, im just being real with his bullshit Beyond Kawaii: stfu
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