Losing more and more LP with every game

Lately I have been on a very bad streak of games. There is always an afk player or a player that starts griefing because except his bad macro game his mentallity is weak as well. I lost 35 lp by two matches played. One lost 20 and one 15 (0lp after that) Now losing more. Could someone check out my my stats? I am not underperforming in any way. I have improved the last 2 months significantly in my playsyle and I have a lot more game knowledge applied in my games. I don't see why am i stuck in a loophole. Stuck in gold 2 for a long time and i think reporting players does not feel like it is helping the community in any way at all. ( I have made some threads about reporting but did not make any good discussion) Anyone gone through anything similar?
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