Riot, ur falling deeper and deeper.

C&#039;mon riot, you guys need to chill out , 25 game chat restriction for JOKING ? It was clearly obvious that I was joking , idk why I&#039;m getting punished for merely joking ? All the lcs pros and streamers are even talking about how bad this games becoming , listen I&#039;m not toxic ! Just please fix the game , I could stop playing but I&#039;m not .. I been playing longer than some of these riot workers who ruin this game as in making another riven... a.k.a Aatrox, and reworking akali sure she was broken before but that&#039;s only if you knew how to play her , now her shroud is even more broken and her q is broken w that passive of hers. I used to wake up in the morning and so happy to play this game but now I cant even play with out getting 25 chat game restrictions, all because of a joke , And fyi its not like it was even that serious of a joke.. nothing harmful . and don&#039;t ban me for this I&#039;m merely speaking my mind also.. A kid by the name of <removed by moderation> is swearing at me , I reported him and I got NO instant feedback report , look into this plz. and ty . &lt;3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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