I got banned for this?

Game 1 Pre-Game ImSoToxicIGotBan: mid ImSoToxicIGotBan: imd ImSoToxicIGotBan: mid ImSoToxicIGotBan: or ImSoToxicIGotBan: who is adc? ImSoToxicIGotBan: huh? ImSoToxicIGotBan: wew ImSoToxicIGotBan: you racist ImSoToxicIGotBan: welp ima report you In-Game ImSoToxicIGotBan: bruh stop being racist and kys kys kys i may have this name cause i got 2 accs banned but im not toxic anymore but you are toxi ImSoToxicIGotBan: sure ill enjoy if you dont know riot looks at game chat they see what wrong you have do ImSoToxicIGotBan: so mature ImSoToxicIGotBan: yoo nunu dont be happy you are reported and will be punished ImSoToxicIGotBan: lol sivir report nunu ill come bot with you ImSoToxicIGotBan: what is he doing? what are you doing you and this karthus ImSoToxicIGotBan: both nunu and karthus are 10 years old kids ImSoToxicIGotBan: cry ImSoToxicIGotBan: surrender ImSoToxicIGotBan: GG just surrender 46 mins to what ImSoToxicIGotBan: karthis predator and use spellbinder then ult ImSoToxicIGotBan: yes ImSoToxicIGotBan: yes ImSoToxicIGotBan: yes ImSoToxicIGotBan: yes Welp i was gonna play a game of league and i got 2 persons who were premade and they were a bit racist and said bad stuff and were toxic. So they abused report system and and i got banned for this *Up*. Like i just said ima report 2 people that were saying bad stuff in chat racist stuff and said they would report me for nothing?
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