After what NightBlue3 pulled, this ought to be a wake up call

1) Riot Games is only against small-streamer/no-name player toxicity. You can afk/verbally flame someone in chat instead of trying to win the game... as long as you're big enough. Or NightBlue3 for that matter. 2) There is definitely corruption within the company, as if the numerous walk-outs and allegations of sexist conduct weren't enough, now even behavior specialists are guilty of favoritism and lack of accountability as the Rioter who inflicted the ban for a false offense has yet to be suspended/terminated. Also no word from Riot as of yet. Stop financially supporting this company. Stop buying RP/merch/licensed products until they fix this. It's bad enough the state of the game is pretty shitty. Even worse how they treat you if you aren't in their elite circles.
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