Just because i picked off meta doesn't mean you gotta ruin our game

So i just played a _**NORMAL GAME**_, in advance i declared ahri as adc, my support picked vlad. I generally don't care what my support plays as long as it's not nidalee support. In game he tells me He's gonna farm like there's no tomorrow. I asked him to stop, nothing more nothing less. He told me this wouldn't have happened if i had picked an adc. So i explained i had 550 range which is more than some ADC, and some guy made it to D2 with it. So in lane he just kept farming with his abilities, at first i tried to keep up but it became tiresome and i tried to roam, get objectives and farm wherever i could. I ended the game 0/0/1 with +/- 75 farm, he had +/-150. The only reason we won was because 4 ppl went afk in the enemy team because the other lanes were stomping. Can we not do that? I don't get it, why would you do this. Clearly i'm playing offmeta and you think it puts me behind so far already, so why make it worse? It's a normal game, i ain't ruining your rank. People need to realize this is a game. I'm playing for fun. AD {{champion:412}} is fun to me, onhit mid/top {{champion:432}} is fun to me, AP tank {{champion:53}} is fun to me, jungle {{champion:89}} is fun to me. I played ad thresh/ aptank Blitz to level 5 so i atleast have an idea of what i'm doing. I got leona to level 6 by playing her jungle only and atleast 1 lvl 7 token too. I have never won a game as support bard, I made an enemy toplaner ragequit in flex with onhit and win most of my games with it. I know these things can work and i like playing them, so in your normals just fucking chill already. if you do decide that's enough reason to just ruin someone else's fun, you're just sad tbh. srry for the rant. Corki did 911, the chemicals in our water are turning our frogs into tarics , bring back ap shacman {{item:3073}} {{champion:35}} {{item:3070}}, Singed has been running riot the whole time, Vape Naysh out.
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