This community is so bizarre

I no other game I have played besides smite have people gone out of their way to make their teammates feel like garbage, then expect them to play well. They don't trash talk their team for literally no reason besides making one small thing they perceive as a misplay. You see, I grew up on CS, early CoDs, halo, and battlefield, where the community was so toxic that it wasn't even funny. Even when people complained, they waited until AFTER the game to complain, because even the 12 year olds had enough common sense to realize that belittleling your teammates for no reason was going to get you nowhere. The trash talk was generated towards other teams because people at least had a certain self awareness to realize that they can improve and do better themselves so there was no point in putting your teammates down. Instead, they tried to boost themselves up and put the enemies down.... which resulted in some funny situations to say the least. It's funny because when I played those games I had so many death threats leveled towards me, hate leveled towards me, heck, I was even hit offline more times than I can count, but it never got to me in the way that people's toxicity in this game does. Maybe it's my mental state right now that's letting it get to me, I don't know. One thing I do know is that this game and it's community is beyond weird.
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