Can someone explain how this is verbal abuse?

I did not swear at anyone in these and I am trying to understand how this is verbal abuse? Can someone please explain? Keep in mind that this was a 40 minute game and I am not allowed to show other side of the text, theoretically speaking. lee is going to rekt you if you don't dodge his Q even then he can still kill you ? no one is hating don't even say that. i just cringed no smite? umm yi there is three bot wanna help i guess no one wants to win gg gg gg gg gg g g g gg g wait waht why are you lwo that made no sense im done with this game too many bugs and trolls tahm why were you low wtf ???? didy ou not just see how my E works dude what three bot and no one helps gj yi think i have cacner now im so blind lol too busy looking mid plz report yi fck three mid ez game lol holla at yah pizza is chil what wow i literally tested that last tahm game kay den telling you this game is buggy af what i e that bs FCK THIS GAME IM DONE that made no sense and all of you know that ? welp ezreal finally is the nice guy lee plz stop u don't even know what you are talking bout ezreal does ow i got cancer from renenkton lol ? game isn't over ROFL this team *quinn and lb get rekt by lux yaya my E works PIZZA IS HERE lel oops now im the hypocrite Lux carrying hard and ren fck we don't really have a tank i mean a cc tank like no instant cc except quinn E ??????? then let"s win stop fighting 1v5 and 3v5 jsut get picks and we should catch up no idea why the baroned now im gonna bish bout it in all chat wait what how am i abusing any of you how is that verbal abuse? yes i have i said don't 3v5 don't 4v5 let's just afk farm honestly whenever this kind of situation happens.. and i give help... i get bashed and told to stfu cuz everyone is salty... so anbd yet you guys still ifhgt .. fight LOL dem zhonyas man lolve it srry im annoying af just mute me gg dude you guys fight without me why LOL

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