I get rewarded all the time for sportsmanlike but get grouped with leaverbusted players????!!!!

As a player who is constantly rewarded these days for my "keeping it sportsmanlike" today I found myself with a toxic Darius team mate who went mid and said "I feed" & "Kill me" to the enemy team and a Fizz team mate who was equally toxic and just wanted to get through his leaverbuster games by /ff or lose as fast as possible!! Both of them also called me a dog and yordle this and that all through the game... Dear RIOT, instead of giving me the random loot rewards, instead make my reward to be grouped with players who are equally as nice as me please!!!!! Thank You!! EDIT: P.S. A system where a player has to play X games to lift a restriction is broken since all they wanna do is play X games as fast as possible win or lose, toxic or not. How about a ban from playing period, or to a lesser effect make them wait in a long queue....
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