A question about a Friends "name" related ban, and what the community thinks about it.

So Let me first start off with: I AM NOT TRYING TO UNBAN OR DEFEND MY IN GAME LEAGUE FRIEND IN ANY WAY, NOR AM I TRYING TO DISCUSS HIS CASE. THIS POST IS TO DISCUSS WHAT IS AND ISNT ACCEPTABLE IN NAMES AND PUNISHMENT REGARDING "OFFENSIVE NAMES" So First off, I DO ASK if this violates the naming/shaming rule that a mod edit out my friends name, but If it does not; My friend had the name "FiggerNaggot" Now before I give my opinion on this, my question is: Should this name be considered "offensive" and be punishable and why or why not? Onto my thoughts: When I originally first saw this dude in a game on my team I saw his name and I thought "oh yeah thats a name Im reporting" except he actually was quite friendly and did pretty well, and added me after so I didnt report his name, because he wasnt toxic. Fast forward, and I play some games with him, and we are in voice chat, I notice that players right off the bat without even knowing him, in pre game chats, start to flame him over the name, and he would tell me and friends in voice chat "Ok yeah the name could be "construed" as 'offensive' but its not actually saying the offensive words, and its just a name. I dont understand why people have to be so toxic over a name without even knowing if im fun person to play with or not" That got me thinking to when I felt the same way, I had that "knee-jerk" reaction to his name, but realized the name is only a play on words, and not actually offensive (unless for some reason the community will now equate "figger" and "naggot" which arent even words, to be considered toxic) This leads me to the point and question Im trying to make: He did say that he has received report after report over his name for well over 2-3 months and Never gotten a ban over it, he mentioned something about even contacting riot support to make sure his name was ok, and he said that riot support said it was fine; RIOT ALLOWED HIM TO HAVE THIS NAME AND ALLOWED THE NAME TO BE CREATED. Which makes me wonder a few things 1) If Riot doesn't want offensive names, why cant they have a tool/system similar to the chat restriction system that monitors in game names and can ban ones with outright offensive material in them or keep them from being created in the first place. 2) Does my friend deserve a ban over his name based on the name itself? 3) If you answered yes to the above question: Do you then think that the system is too loose because almost anything can be considered offensive then? IE: somebody could have the name "Imredneckrandy" and somebody named randy could in theory report it for being offensive. 4) Should my friend get a ban even though RIOT potentially allowed this name, despite the play on words? 5) should JUST offensive names be banned, or should play on words be looked into aswell? 6) what if the player isnt toxic? Tell me what you think! Im curious what the community thinks about this topic, Including reds, mods, advisers etc. AGAIN PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT ADVOCATING FOR OFFENSIVE NAMES OR TRYING TO GET MY FRIEND UNBANNED I AM MERELY CURIOUS OF THE OPINIONS AROUND THIS NAME AND NAMES LIKE IT AND WHAT EACH PLAYER THINKS OF IT.
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