Straight to 14 day ban for this....?

Someone want to explain how this is directly to 14 days? When in 2/3 of the games I was being maliciously harassed, one where a Kat said nothing in lobby, stole my lane, then fed 1/6. One by a feeding bot duo. I also thinks it's dirty Riot doesn't send you the full transcript; because while answering with toxicity is wrong, so is only giving me half the evidence. Transparency, context matters. The MF from Game 1 even added me after the match and flamed me before deleting me, which I was calm during. How did I totally skip chat bans Riot? I expect a legitimate response as for why 2 chat related punishments were skipped for chat in which I was being antagonized. Right now, it just feels like oppressive system bullying to aid in a "KEEP QUIET" gaming society. Game 1 Pre-Game HuglordSenpai: mid HuglordSenpai: mid In-Game HuglordSenpai: Bot help riv HuglordSenpai: <_<... HuglordSenpai: It's courtesy HuglordSenpai: She'll help you later cause you made blue faster HuglordSenpai: but nvm lol HuglordSenpai: Wow HuglordSenpai: it applied damage instantly HuglordSenpai: Didnt get to pool HuglordSenpai: Bot... HuglordSenpai: Holy... HuglordSenpai: Really making sure we cant win huh HuglordSenpai: I was out... HuglordSenpai: WHY ARE YOU SO PUSHJED UP HuglordSenpai: WHEN YOU ARE BEHIND HuglordSenpai: STOP HuglordSenpai: Gotchu riven HuglordSenpai: LMAO) HuglordSenpai: ROfl HuglordSenpai: Yi knew I'd outplay him HuglordSenpai: Yi no ult or flash HuglordSenpai: Yi icnc HuglordSenpai: inc** HuglordSenpai: annd double HuglordSenpai: warned and everythng HuglordSenpai: Tjat's fucked HuglordSenpai: You guys have him SO fed HuglordSenpai: It's crazy HuglordSenpai: Why are you even playin with human HuglordSenpai: s HuglordSenpai: 0/6 HuglordSenpai: 4 deaths, Brand has one kill HuglordSenpai: rofl HuglordSenpai: I wish he wasn't cirtting 300's already HuglordSenpai: I wish this team didn't feed their ass off HuglordSenpai: OHMYGOD HuglordSenpai: BOT HuglordSenpai: STAY HuglordSenpai: ON HuglordSenpai: YOUR TOWER HuglordSenpai: Like bot lane is literally inting HuglordSenpai: 100% HuglordSenpai: They fed the shit out of Yi HuglordSenpai: I mean HuglordSenpai: We're getting dumsptered HuglordSenpai: By the Yi you fed HuglordSenpai: I am HuglordSenpai: a lot better than you HuglordSenpai: 2/6 HuglordSenpai: Garbooooo HuglordSenpai: Dw you're muted HuglordSenpai: Idiocy speaks for itself. HuglordSenpai: You and your buttbuddy ashe HuglordSenpai: In discord feeding HuglordSenpai: and giggling HuglordSenpai: 2/15 bot HuglordSenpai: Oh look HuglordSenpai: The yi who is exclusively ulting for me HuglordSenpai: Garen can you report this bot HuglordSenpai: They made Yi hugre HuglordSenpai: now they're feeding Kai HuglordSenpai: That's inting HuglordSenpai: They are pushing and pushing HuglordSenpai: with no 2ND TIER tower HuglordSenpai: No wards HuglordSenpai: Just feeding HuglordSenpai: You didnt die there rofl HuglordSenpai: Ohman HuglordSenpai: refund the skjin HuglordSenpai: That is super awkward HuglordSenpai: 3/8 HuglordSenpai: Paid for a skin HuglordSenpai: I bet you did HuglordSenpai: You aren't doing near well enough to get a chest HuglordSenpai: Okay HuglordSenpai: rofl... HuglordSenpai: You guys are awful HuglordSenpai: I'll record with my Nvidia dw. HuglordSenpai: Naturally HuglordSenpai: The duo feeds HuglordSenpai: then surrs HuglordSenpai: Garen HuglordSenpai: There's no stopping bad. HuglordSenpai: He's calling for 1v1's afer going 3/9 HuglordSenpai: Nah you'll just lose the 1v1 then cry lag HuglordSenpai: I'm just reporting you both for grtiefing HuglordSenpai: 0/11 3/9 HuglordSenpai: Reporting you both HuglordSenpai: Can you guys report bot for griefing? HuglordSenpai: Really sad your going to get another account banned, and one you spent cash on HuglordSenpai: AWkward. HuglordSenpai: No joke. HuglordSenpai: Please HuglordSenpai: Please report that.. HuglordSenpai: Feeds HuglordSenpai: Then sets up a losing game HuglordSenpai: Yeah not wasting my time. HuglordSenpai: They stood in lane and died HuglordSenpai: Over and over HuglordSenpai: int HuglordSenpai: full build HuglordSenpai: Okay dude. HuglordSenpai: Buy him. HuglordSenpai: Tjat's a lie. HuglordSenpai: My E and R are both HuglordSenpai: This community is crazy toxic HuglordSenpai: And then I have to just sit and deal with 0/14/0 Ashe HuglordSenpai: and 3/12 MF HuglordSenpai: Garen's literally the only person I have unmuted HuglordSenpai: MF is afk HuglordSenpai: So that's another thing you can tick off on the report please and thank you HuglordSenpai: Ashe inting again HuglordSenpai: 0/16 HuglordSenpai: Troll after troll after troll HuglordSenpai: Couldve carried you HuglordSenpai: But you're too autistic Post-Game HuglordSenpai: Please report MF and AShe HuglordSenpai: Thanks HuglordSenpai: and Riven for afk as well Game 2 In-Game HuglordSenpai: Wat HuglordSenpai: That tower range.. HuglordSenpai: ty though HuglordSenpai: Ren bot side HuglordSenpai: Ren humpin my leg lol. HuglordSenpai: Pressure bot a bit more HuglordSenpai: Rengar is here way too much HuglordSenpai: J4 HuglordSenpai: wtf are you doing man HuglordSenpai: I'm draining her mana HuglordSenpai: and then trying to resustain HuglordSenpai: But you run through mid HuglordSenpai: then die.. HuglordSenpai: like wtf? HuglordSenpai: No, the tent is pitched the moment I enter a lane. No one can VERY solo lane me. HuglordSenpai: EVER* rather HuglordSenpai: Promise. HuglordSenpai: no HuglordSenpai: I'm fine dude HuglordSenpai: stop HuglordSenpai: Salad HuglordSenpai: Want mid? HuglordSenpai: I can lane into tabis HuglordSenpai: kk HuglordSenpai: Oh...... HuglordSenpai: Uhh.. HuglordSenpai: Cool I ugess HuglordSenpai: Nice shot ashe HuglordSenpai: Kill minions mid plz./.. HuglordSenpai: Don't jus watch them shove HuglordSenpai: you have skills HuglordSenpai: Rofl was that 2 heals? HuglordSenpai: 4 mid HuglordSenpai: All heals down..... HuglordSenpai: LMAO The garbo Ori talks HuglordSenpai: Useless without your Rengo HuglordSenpai: Even now HuglordSenpai: Rushed MR and everything HuglordSenpai: That's fucking unreal HuglordSenpai: The damage reduc on his ult HuglordSenpai: Baby Ori needed 4 mid early af HuglordSenpai: <3 HuglordSenpai: How are bot AND mid shoved HuglordSenpai: Like wtf HuglordSenpai: What is our team doing HuglordSenpai: That I can get camped so hjard HuglordSenpai: and lanes still lose HuglordSenpai: I'm afk HuglordSenpai: Peace out HuglordSenpai: Bad bot HuglordSenpai: I am trust me HuglordSenpai: Oh yeah Kayn ping them, that'll save it HuglordSenpai: Solid HuglordSenpai: Screa,omg HuglordSenpai: LMAO HuglordSenpai: WHERE IS OUR BOT HuglordSenpai: LMAOOOOOOO HuglordSenpai: Like holy hell I knwo these are norms HuglordSenpai: but come ON HuglordSenpai: MEANWHILE HuglordSenpai: You guys just clump HuglordSenpai: and sTILL die HuglordSenpai: I love it HuglordSenpai: You guys are cute HuglordSenpai: are you HuglordSenpai: fucking HuglordSenpai: kidding me HuglordSenpai: kayn HuglordSenpai: yoiu retard HuglordSenpai: gg HuglordSenpai: Because Kayn waits for me to die to go in HuglordSenpai: Scared of a tower with an invuln ult HuglordSenpai: gggggggggggggggggggg HuglordSenpai: Sickflash2.0 HuglordSenpai: NICE KAYM HuglordSenpai: A+ HuglordSenpai: WoooOOo HuglordSenpai: Make sure we don't make it to late game HuglordSenpai: Rengar camped me every second he possibly could HuglordSenpai: and you still lost top HuglordSenpai: Rofl HuglordSenpai: ? HuglordSenpai: our other 2 tanks HuglordSenpai: Just sitting in the back HuglordSenpai: Like veigar is closer than you HuglordSenpai: OH YEAH HuglordSenpai: GO IN NOW HuglordSenpai: THAT YOU ARE 4v5 HuglordSenpai: Morons. HuglordSenpai: Honestly HuglordSenpai: Please play bots HuglordSenpai: Garbo bot HuglordSenpai: garbo jg HuglordSenpai: idiot top Game 3 Pre-Game HuglordSenpai: mid HuglordSenpai: We have ajungle. HuglordSenpai: and a top. HuglordSenpai: and I called mid. In-Game HuglordSenpai: Kat come on...... HuglordSenpai: Whatever.. HuglordSenpai: Reporting anyway HuglordSenpai: Thank you for giving me a solid reason to report. HuglordSenpai: Whyd you stop lol HuglordSenpai: fr HuglordSenpai: I shoulda finished HuglordSenpai: sorry HuglordSenpai: For future reference, you should save up and buy a BF all at once :) HuglordSenpai: Gj HuglordSenpai: are HuglordSenpai: you HuglordSenpai: fucking HuglordSenpai: serious HuglordSenpai: both of you HuglordSenpai: kat why did you even come back in HuglordSenpai: and Lee HuglordSenpai: Why did oyu bitch out HuglordSenpai: for 5 tower shots HuglordSenpai: Then SUDDENLY HuglordSenpai: think oh yeah HuglordSenpai: Now I should dive HuglordSenpai: after wasting 5 whole tower shots :L)))) HuglordSenpai: My god normals are inflammatory to play in HuglordSenpai: Kat I'm pissed you stole my mid HuglordSenpai: Don't play humans HuglordSenpai: Legit kat HuglordSenpai: Gtfo out of player games HuglordSenpai: I even called mid first HuglordSenpai: care HuglordSenpai: he like triples your AD HuglordSenpai: I told you.. HuglordSenpai: Why do you take so much harrass Kat HuglordSenpai: jeezus HuglordSenpai: niiice HuglordSenpai: No cait/?? HuglordSenpai: Not going to body any of those lol HuglordSenpai: I couldve peeld him off you HuglordSenpai: The chat is here for a reason HuglordSenpai: Why don't you listen to my chat HuglordSenpai: and communicate back HuglordSenpai: Then stop doing dumb shit HuglordSenpai: Like not bodying the last Jhin shot HuglordSenpai: And then you died HuglordSenpai: because he executed me HuglordSenpai: and Lee came HuglordSenpai: I couldve peeled and died alone for you HuglordSenpai: I dodged 3/4 shots lol... HuglordSenpai: Because the last shot is an execute HuglordSenpai: and I was low with no W HuglordSenpai: He had 3 missed shots to learn my run pattern HuglordSenpai: Garen no ult? HuglordSenpai: Like okay..? HuglordSenpai: Other lanes being fed HuglordSenpai: quickly becomes my business HuglordSenpai: The huge irelia from mid for example HuglordSenpai: that clears every wave past 1st tower HuglordSenpai: I'd sell it at this point HuglordSenpai: Sicikkkk HuglordSenpai: Ripperoni HuglordSenpai: Lee all that bm in all chat HuglordSenpai: For that HuglordSenpai: Lmao the double heal HuglordSenpai: Watch out, our Duskblade Lee's gonna getcha at 40% hp from our back line in the middle of a fight, then W out HuglordSenpai: I'm support Vlad, I had no gold income outside of the kills I picked up early game HuglordSenpai: and I'm the least behind other than the cherry picking Lee HuglordSenpai: I forget you guys don't know how to engage HuglordSenpai: at all HuglordSenpai: I figure when they're in our side of the map and EVEYRONE is beside them HuglordSenpai: It's common sense HuglordSenpai: You guys are drooling HuglordSenpai: Garbage cait needed to get carried HuglordSenpai: Through lane HuglordSenpai: and cant do shit now HuglordSenpai: You're ass Cait HuglordSenpai: I got my lane stolen HuglordSenpai: Then they fed it HuglordSenpai: LMAO HuglordSenpai: Lane stolen Post-Game HuglordSenpai: LMAOOOOOOO HuglordSenpai: Yeah ok HuglordSenpai: The Kat locks in after I call mid HuglordSenpai: and lock HuglordSenpai: Forcing me to support HuglordSenpai: I still nearly carry HuglordSenpai: but YEAH report me HuglordSenpai: Do that. HuglordSenpai: Cait play bots HuglordSenpai: and stop buying boots and a long sword HuglordSenpai: into Jhin HuglordSenpai: You mongoloid
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