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If you want to skip directly to my idea instead of reading the preamble, scroll to "THE IDEA" #1 PREAMBLE This post is very important. I have my fingers crossed that a Red will take notice which is why I need YOU, my fellow players, to bump the hell out of it. Almost every single issue in this game (excluding balance, items being removed, changed, added, champs being 'renovated' etc) comes down to one very large problem: Assholes. Every game has assholes, trolls, intentional feeders, and people who go out of their way to ruin the experience of others. This isn't an issue exclusive to League of Legends. Every MOBA has this problem, it comes with the territory. Games take a lot longer to play than a 5-10 minute COD match or a 10-15 minute Battlefield match. The longest game I've ever played in league (back in season 3 or 4) was over an hour and a half long. The longest match I've played in DOTA 2 was close to 2 hours and 45 minutes. But I digress. The time factor and often the anxiety/stress felt towards the ranked system by players who desperately want their promos to go well and end up demoted again and again appeals directly to the troll's instincts to ruin a good time. I don't think I need to go any more in depth with the psychology of trolls but suffice it to say... League and games like League attract trolls like moths to a flame. The current system does nothing, really, but I'm not suggesting a replacement for the current system. Currently, the system punishes people for "toxicity", and while I disagree with this, and have no problem with a bit of banter in an online game, I understand where Riot is coming from and why this is an important issue for them. What I've been thinking about is a way to make the system even better and more effective, particularly for people who exclusively play ranked matchmaking. As I've mentioned. Trolls and assholes flock to games like League of Legends, and lets be honest with ourselves and each other, prolonged exposure to games like League of Legends and Dota 2 can turn once decent players into trolls and assholes out of sheer frustration. I don't agree with this, but I've seen it happen time and again both with randoms and with friends who "snap" and start feeding or trolling or playing like an asshole to "punish" other people for their previous suffering, I won't ramble on about the behavioural psychology behind this, but 99.9% of people have the capacity to "snap" and stop thinking rationally. The rational thing to do is to turn the game off and play again the next day and many people can do this, other people hit their breaking point and "snap" and take, in their minds, revenge on players. This is a fact of life we all have to deal with and the current system does not really punish this behaviour. #2 THE IDEA This is why I propose augmenting the punishment system and changing certain elements of it. As it currently stands the punishment system operates like this: >First Offense: 10 Game Chat Restriction >Second Offense: 25 Game Chat Restriction >Third Offense: Two Week Suspension >Fourth Offense: Permanent Suspension > And that's all well and fine for consistently "toxic" players who scream slurs and insults. What about feeders? Trolls? Assholes? What happens to them? Is a 10 or 25 game chat ban going to effectively curb a feeder's behaviour? Of course not, they will be in the next queue ready to troll your ranked match into the dirt and cause you yet another loss. What can be done with them? Low priority and reform pools. I do not believe that people should be banned for having a bad day. For intentional feeding, trolling and being an asshole there should be a second tier of punishments. For example. First Offense: 5 low priority reform pool WINS Second Offense: 10 low priority reform pool WINS Third Offense: 25 low priority reform pool WINS What would this"Low Priority" game be? Simple, the matchmaking system would prioritize their account LAST, maybe it takes 3-5 minutes to find a game. What is this "reform pool" about? Simple. The players account is flagged and ranked matchmaking, SR normal blind pick, normal draft, ARAM, etc are all locked except for normal blind-pick twisted treeline. Ideally the system would force people to play against other people with the reform flag unless there are none who can be found after 5-10 minutes. #3 HOW THIS HELPS This is the perfect system for everyone, even those being punished. Say, for example, someone is having a bad day and they choose to take their frustrations out on the player base. This person would be removed from ranked matchmaking and lose the ability to play and ruin other people's gaming experience. Second, it protects the player being punished from being banned as I believe it's only fair that players in the punishment pool lose the ability to report other players and to be reported. Let them scream at each other in the containment zone. In fact, not only is it preferable that players lose the ability to report other players who are also being reformed, it's necessary that the reform pool be as toxic and awful as possible. The idea is to make genuine players who simply had a bad time feel like they NEVER want to end up back there again. They will reform themselves or their next stay in the reform pool will require even more wins, prolonging their punishment. Secondly; this will isolate people who have no intention of playing seriously in ranked. As an aside, trolls, intentional feeders, bots and assholes will lose interest in trolling and ruining the game. Some might just make a new account to bypass the punishment but obviously this second account would be ineligible for ranked matchmaking until level 30 and therefore would have zero impact on players who want to play the game seriously. Most MOBA games have a system like this in place. Dota 2 forces players to win random draft games where you can choose between 3 randomly selected heroes and every other game mode is locked. I believe this will be equally effective in league of legends. If you've read this post and agree with it, please upvote so Riot might take notice
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