I don't understand how players get away with slurs and wishing my family gets cancer

Yeah I know that my report has to be the one that triggers the punishment to get the notification. But how on earth when someone wishes my entire family gets cancer or calls me a F***** multiple times they don't get punished? Does the system say, "yeah well it was only one game we better give him a second chance." or "Yeah well he didn't call him a N***** {{champion:202}} times so it's not THAT bad." Like i get you don't want to punish players in moments of weakness where they're just frustrated in that one game and let loose. But how toxic do they have to be a given game to decide that one game is enough to be given a verdict? Or how many games of players consistently deciding they were a little too toxic do they have to play for them to receive a punishment? And if your response is "your report has to trigger the punishment to get the notification," then why didn't it? What more could they have done for the automated system to decide that this player doesn't deserve multiple chances and that, at the very least, a 10 game chat restrict is warranted? I just don't get it.
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