Stop Being Overly Critical of Everyone & Everything.

There are way too many players who want to be 'teachers', 'coaches', etc. Too many players who try-hard and belittle those who do not. Way too many people here on these boards, and across the entire internet, who do not understand that there are two sides to a coin (i.e. *more than one way to do something*). Nearly every great achievement or improvement in history was met with adversity similar to that given by the players of this game. It's time to stop. Stop posting arguments to everything to prove what you have down there is bigger than someone else's. Rank shaming, flaming others for the champions they play publicly on a forum, constantly belittling others and provoking them, these things are seriously unacceptable and need to be stopped. This is the internet, a public forum where players who love playing League of Legends come together to express themselves about a common interest. It's not a hate forum for you to vent on others and express your negative feelings about another person or their beliefs. When I look at these boards, that's all I can see in every single post. There is nothing here but a bunch of individuals arguing and raging at one another, trying to prove who's genitals are larger by making fun of other's champions played, win rate, and everything else they possibly can find to make someone else feel bad. I'm sick of it. This entire board is an eye sore. If you don't have anything constructive to say, then don't say it. Making inappropriate comments about someone's summoner name, win rate, anything at all related to them, should really be a permanent ban from these boards. Obviously, I don't make the rules around here, nor do I know who does but there needs to be some changes.. some serious and drastic changes. Many on these boards are too disrespectful. There are way too many threads that go off topic because of the comments that are made. Most of the comments that people make simply never should be said in the first place. Maybe there aren't enough moderators to deal with it, I'm not sure. What I do know is that 5 chances, **is way too much**. The rule should be similar to how harassment and physical violence is handled in real life at work places. **One time and done**. If you hit someone or harass someone at your job in real life, you lose your job the very first offense. These boards should be taking it just as seriously. This will lighten the load on Moderators in the long run and it will ultimately make these boards a place where more players will feel welcome. At any rate, **if you don't have something constructive to say, don't say it**. Do NOT talk about someone's win rate in a negative fashion. Do NOT make fun of what they play. Do NOT make fun of someone's name. It is not your right to judge someone, nor is that why these boards exist.
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