PSA: Calling Someone "Autistic" Isn't Cool, It's Just Offensive And Dumb

I have Asperger's Syndrome, a neurological disorder on the higher functioning end of the Autism Spectrum. I come home after a long stressful day at high school or work and play some League of Legends just like all of you do. During my solo or even trio/duo queue escapades I run into the uninformed, the unintelligent or the downright evil. I may not be able to help unintelligent or the evil, but I may be able to inform the uninformed. Firstly, "autistic" is not synonymous with "stupid" or "retarded"(not to be offense of course) That's a generalization and a terribly off one at that. Some autist are actually quite intelligent and talented. Albert Einstein--yes the guy who is like the epitome, the embodiment of high intelligence--is believed to be autistic. While I seem to be implying that "Autistic people are all smart" or some shit, that's not what I mean. I'm simply using the most extreme example to prove my point. Lastly, there's little to no real reason to use the proper use of this word in the context of this game. Don't be one of those "defend my right to hate speech" type of guys who say some stupid shit like "connotation is a non-factor in online conversation" because that's just not true, or rather it would be true if we were emotionless purely logical robots. We're humans, so that means we have emotions. When we register a word in our minds we **create** the connotation based off of previous experiences, we then combine that with the denotation of the actual word and the situation in which it's used in. This gives the text a voice, not the one that the person may actually have but the one we've created. This is why you can read a book and feel actual feelings from it. Obviously, when someone uses it in a VIDEO GAME while they are beating someone or losing they definitely aren't giving a proper diagnosis they are using it condescendingly or pejoratively. They are using a real neurological disability as an insult or to seem superior. Don't even get me started on the logical flaws how downright offensive it is because I will dig into it. (edit: Grammarical error) The point is: don't throw around "autistic" pejoratively, it's not cool, it actually makes you look like an insensitive dumbass and it can--and most likely will--get your account suspended. I love League and the community surrounding it, despite all of the toxic people and despite all of the negativity. As cheesy as this sounds, I proudly consider myself a member of this community and I am proud to contribute my skills and knowledge into making this community a better place. And no, I will not press the mute button y'wanna know why? Because I shouldn't have to. The mute button would have no reason for existing if there weren't assholes enforcing it's use. Anyways I'm done, I'll just post this and get on with my solo queue. (Edit: I don't need nor want any sympathy/empathy, you can hate my guts for all I care. Also, I have zero idea why anyone is mentioning research or any sort of meaning of exactly what autism is. The only **facts** (key word) I've implied or directly stated are are that: 1) "Autistic doesn't mean stupid" (for those who literally don't know the difference at all) which is extremely vague for a reason, I'm not explicitly stating what it is because autistic is a broad and vague in and of itself (because there are many types of autism). 2) Autism is a neurological disorder (I implied again during the introduction and is only technically incorrect if you want to be extremely specific it's a "Neurodevelopental disorder" or some even call it a "Neurobiological disorder") 3)Asperger's is a part of the Autism Spectrum and is higher functioning ( want proof? Check the About section if you feel like it's not a credible source). I'd hate to be that guy but think before you comment lol.)
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