Permanently Suspended for using "Skin Preview"

I was perma suspended from using a program called "Skin Preview" and all it does is change the cosmetics of the game such as skins, particles, etc., but yet i was still banned. I've already contacted riot support and they only told me that I was using a "malicous 3rd party program" and the only 3rd party program i used was Skin Preview. Before using Skin Preview, I used mkjogo/mklol and i received a warning for that program because it had jungle timers, so i switched to Skin Preview, which doesn't do anything but change skins. Also if it is possible for a rioter to show me the program that was detect as "malicious," I would appreciate that. I already tried to ask riot support to show me the "evidence" but they said it would interfere with the investigation. Being that it has been a good 2 months or so since i've been banned, is the investigation over or no? Here is a picture of the main menu of program: Here are pictures of the different tabs there are: I clicked on Jax and it brings me to a menu where you can select all these different skins. Then you can click the apply button in the bottom right to apply the skins: After reviewing all of this, can a riot member confirm to me whether this program is bannable or not? Here is a video reviewing the program too: If their is anything else that you need to see please comment it below, Thank you.
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