It is almost impossible to level your honor up after a ban.

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I think it is unfair to people who have been suspended when they try to level up honor. I got suspended two different times for 2 weeks each, but that was almost or maybe even a year or more now. I have been almost completely reformed, I have called feeders trash since then I will admit, but I have never told anyone to go die or called them any racial slurs or homophobic things etc. I have done my part in reporting people who are toxic and anyone who breaks the rules in league. I know I have games where I am the most honorable player and I have been getting good games from people for almost a year now, but i'm only only level 2 checkpoint 1 of 3 after all this time. I don't have an issue with the amount of time you have your honor locked for but I think it's just insane how little honor I am able to acquire. I just want to know what it is i'm either doing wrong or be able to shed light on the issue with reformed players, they could even introduce a system like with the indefinitely banned players for people who want to be able to get the same rewards as everyone else. For me it's not that I care about clash or icons etc. I just want to be able to try PBE and give feedback to make the game I play almost daily better overall! :)
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