Targeted by Riot Support / Admin for Exploiting their BlackMarket Account schemes

Hi i have been targeted by Riot admin / support staff , for a certain amount of games i've noticed Bizarre accounts made up of just numbers or Profanity names , what made them stand out is that they bait players into " All chat " discussions so they can later on make reports , as i continue to see these same accounts que manipulate matches i started reporting these accounts to Riot support , soon after i saw nothing was being done to those accounts , over and over and over i saw those same accounts que manipulate , bait people in all chat for reports , and i noticed that my client started acting different , after each match i noticed that my client took longer than usual to get back into end game lobby to make reports , as i noticed when i make reports nothing ever happens to those players , sometimes even when those same sabotaging accounts go afk or throw games my client goes offline after the match and i am thrown out of the end game lobby so i could never make a report , so what i started doing was print screening these screen names and made reports thru riot support website , but nothing was being done , after weeks and weeks reporting riot support did nothing so i started findout that there are certain riot staffers who create websites to sell blackmarket accounts overseas for favors and Esport endorsments , when i started speaking about this to those toxic players all of a sudden my account was banned , i went back to riot support and no help at all , the same riot support would close my ticket , so i ask is there away i can get a hold of actual riot developers to look over this situation . You can check all the tickets i opened prior to may asking riot support for help and nothing was done ,

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