Why Do I Get Flamed By Feeding Teammates While In Game?

First of all to clear this up I want everyone reading this to know I am bronze so I am not the best player or decision maker. I do however feel like I have the skill of a low-mid silver player. Recently I went 11/3 on draven. (Feel free to check.) I was the only one on my team with under 10 deaths. They all flamed me saying I should have fought more and I was a pussy. I said they were bad fights but it seems everyone said I was the problem and we lost purely due to me. Except my duo partner obviously. I know this is just one example but I have had many times where someone doing much worse than me flamed me. Now for my question... I was wondering if you think it is justified to feed and then flame your team for doing, "bad" even if they are doing much better? Thanks for taking time to read this article. There is a poll that you can answer.

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