You spend more time telling everyone else how to play, than playing yourself.

Seriously...Piss off with that. Every single match. we have to deal with these players who feel it is THEIR sole responsibility to control everyone else on their team. "Oh you cant build that, its not allowed for that lane" "You cant play >insert champ< , you need to pick a -real support/adc/mid/top/etc" (This statement Really pisses me off to no end. "That Item isnt allowed with that champ, sell it and buy X" Every single game, there is that one self entitled child who feels it is thier duty, their sole responsibility to not suggest...but DEMAND/DICTATE Who a player can play for their role. HOW they play their role. WHAT they build for their role. and they WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT. All this does is make me less interested in hearing what a whiney little self-entitled toddler has to say. Someone who thinks way too highly of themselves. As if THEY alone get to decide what champions or playstyles are permissable for thier team. No no no why should you bother playing your own champ according to your own strategy, when you can have an adc that "knows better than you" what you should build, where you should go. When they start dictating who goes where just so that the champions selected fall more in line with the current "meta" I mean all that foolish thought about "unique and different play styles" BAH! Who needs that when you can have someone telling you how your personal strategy that may have worked well enough for you in the past is now "Trolling" because you arent falling in line with what they believe the meta dictates. and before It comes up, Yes I know that Not ALL champion selections work for ALL lanes. But I am not talking about those. I am talking about the PLAYERS who feel it is there right to make the decision of who and how you play FOR YOU! Not the friendly suggestions type, but the "I know better than you and if you dont play/build how I want I am reporting you for trolling" and if you still refuse to cater to their wishes, they will drop to the ground (or abandon lane and run back to spawn) and then proceed to kick and scream while they throw the match (usually by just not leaving spawn while they have thier fit, or going to other lanes to intentionally feed) all while telling the rest of the team "report our troll". All the while the person who ends up being the troll is them. In a recent match I had a xayah adc. I went jax support (because it managed to get me on a winstreak before running into these puritans). Immediately xayah started throwing a fit from the start because "jax isnt a support" and so she had automatically designated me as a troll. So what does she do? - Abandons lane (while saying the match is lost because "jax support is troll" - Goes top and proceeds to intentionally feed kills (still saying how the loss is my fault because...jax support) - Runs mid when top kicks her out of his lane and proceeds to feed more kills (still, loss is the fault of jax support) Btw this whole time I am doing my best to defend bot lane solo while adc is having her tantrum after top and mid are fed, I managed to help them get one or two towers, we almost made a comeback, feeling good. - So...the puritan xayah going on about how "we lost because our troll jax support"...decides she is going to repeatedly dive 1v2 because "Well I have no support so you dont care about me" and of course we lost the match why? Because the adc felt rather than actually working with me and adapting to the situation, she would rather throw an infantile temper tantrum and cause us to lose a RANKED match. All because the champion I chose wasnt in line with the current "meta" This is what pisses me off. Where the meta has become some fundamentalist cult to the point any player risks being burned at the stack just at the mere sight of going off meta.. People like Xayah feel they are the ONLY people who get to decide what everyone else plays. Yes some things work for some people, and dont work for others. And yeah, some champs dont work for every role PERIOD. But if it happens, it happens. Dont spend the entire match having a temper tantrum and throwing your toys around because someone didnt play WHat YOU wanted them to. Didnt build according to YOUR gameplan, or doesnt follow YOUR schedule. If you are that inflexible and unwilling to actually work with others. Why are you even playing this game, just go play a single player game without anyone else and you can have all the control you want. TL:DR This is a team game, ONE person does not have the right to make the decisions on who the team plays, how they play, what they build. If things dont go your way, you dont have the right to throw the game and have a temper tantrum. If you do, the only troll in the match is YOU. Because you are throwing the whole match because someone didnt cater to YOUR demands.
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