2 week suspension for first ever infraction; why not a chat restriction?

First, here is the entirety of my behavior report card: Game 1 In-Game grandma1936: quit pinging, you f****t grandma1936: that's fine Let me start off by saying: I was wrong. I should not have used that word or even bothered with any response in the first place. I feel terrible about it, and it won't happen again. The context here is that I was playing Xerath in an ARAM match. I was not having a great game (finished score line of 2/10/28). I was a stun/CC magnet against a team with a Leona, Kalista, and Veigar. Players on my team were bickering throughout the match amongst one another. I was spammed repeatedly with ?s pings, and that's when I lost my cool and said the above. The "that's fine" was in response to being told that I suck. The rest of my team continued to argue and bicker for the duration of the match, and I said nothing else. I tried my hardest in the match, but I had a poor game. Ordinarily, I just instantly mute negativity and toxicity, and then I go on my merry way. We've all had frustrating games, and I've always just shrugged it off and happily went on to the next game. I don't know why I didn't do that in this game. Again, I'm not making excuses. I was wrong. I am only providing context for the chat log. The reason why I'm posting here is that I am disappointed at the severity of the penalty. I have never received any infractions before. I did reach out to Riot's support chat, and I was advised that there is a zero tolerance policy and the penalty would not be reduced. If that's the policy, then so be it. I'm here because I want to express my frustration and disappointment about the harshness of the policy. I feel like my case is a good example of what should qualify for a chat restriction. No previous issues of toxicity and a first time screw up after several years of playing. Yet, the punishment immediately escalated past any chat restriction or lesser suspension. Why did my punishment escalate immediately to a 2 week suspension? Why was a chat restriction not the more appropriate punishment for a first time offense? Thanks for any feedback.
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