Remove my 14 day ban now.

Game 1 Pre-Game Julian Caesar: do you prefer bot Julian Caesar: like Julian Caesar: can you not play jg Julian Caesar: ok Julian Caesar: ill jg In-Game Julian Caesar: kys Julian Caesar: kys Julian Caesar: actually Julian Caesar: kys Julian Caesar: more damage pls Julian Caesar: pls bui Julian Caesar: why did you build essence reaver? Post-Game Julian Caesar: cause you built essence reaver I say kys as a joke because the other person used a tik tok cringe meme and it was meant as a joke. The other person clearly acknowledged this as a joke as well but Riot just doesn't seem to care and just bans me anyways. Unban me now because this is a huge misunderstanding or you ban every single person who made a joke in allchat. Seriously what are you guys doing? Are you going to start banning people who make jokes in allchat with no context? Wtf is wrong with you people? Please riot take this 14 day ban off and ill stop having fun in chat. Thanks.
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