Why was my account suspended for 14 days rather than chat restriction?

I have never run it down or purposefully lost the game for my team. The game before I got suspended, I was playing Rengar top (filled by the way, I'm Rengar OTP in jungle), and I had died 2 times into a renekton by 5 minutes. This was unintentional, because I did not know really how the top lane matchups worked. My midlaner and jungle proceed to call me "r%%%%%ed" and telling me that I will get reported for "inting." This proceeded to tilt me, but we won the game and I ended up split pushing and doing most damage to towers in the game. My midlaner kept threatening to report me even though I had said nothing. The jinx adc then proceeds to type in all chat saying that I "threatened their families." After that game, I was banned. Don't get me wrong, I say stupid stuff in the chat all the time, but most of it is banter which anyone can see right through. I don't get a warning, I don't get any sort of chat ban, I just get 14 day suspended even though I had been harassed the previous game. I read in a patch note that it goes as follows. 1: 5 game chat ban. 2: 20 game chat ban. 3: 14 day suspension. 4: Permanently suspended. I am not sure why my account got suspended even though I was not inting or making my team lose on purpose. I never threatened anyone's families or their personal life. Even looking through my chat logs, I do not understand why I was suspended for 14 days rather than being chat banned. I've never ran it down or thrown the game because we were losing/my teammates were losing. Someone please explain.
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