I cannot believe how fucked up players can be

We get into champ select, ranked game. Vayne bans our supports pick, Yuumi, understandable. Vayne: dog elo yuumi? No ty Vayne: just dont feed stay 0/0/0 and I will carry u scrubs We get into the game and our yuumi picked Janna. She said that she is a bad janna. Fast forward a bit. Vayne sitting in base flaming in all chat with Jax encouraging her because "shes such a good vayne" "do you see that farm?? Oh and the way she kited me" he must've cummed right then and there. Karma flaming me bc I won lane. I didn't even say anything. It's just disgusting. If you are going to "smurf" then you need to learn how to carry us "scrubs". It's just disgusting how rude people can be just bc its a game. I request a ban for both Vayne and Jax. You can even check the game on op.gg absolute garbage. Cost me 14lp. An extremely negative experience to be called such horrible things over and over and over and over. I should've muted but I'm just way too curious.
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