How Many Reports Does It Take to Be Punished?

I'm just curious if the community has any knowledge of this. I played a game with a toxic Yi today who rage quit. I didn't rage back just politely said in \allchat "Please report Yi rage quitting thanks. GG." Then he went off about how I'd rage quit too if etc. etc. etc. Then he started saying "Report me IDC. All of you report me. I'll send skins if you show proof. Report me because NOTHING will happen. Lol your an idiot if you think ANYTHING will happen. Report me all of you and NOTHING happens." I reported him, I have no idea if anyone else did. I'm just curious. If everyone on both teams reported him, will he get a temporary ban? Does it need to be reports from several games? If you rage out say every 5th game but are nice in the other 4 will the reports build up against you or do they get sort of "cleared out?" I know if enough reports come in eventually a player will get banned, but a lot of people in the games I play seem to have this Yi's attitude that reports don't matter and they can rage as long as they only do it every few games and don't say anything racist. (Racism seems to get banned faster than say rage quitting from what I've seen of forum posts).

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