Trolls are picking on users using toxic names to successfully report other players!

Fixing the AFK/Trolling Problem in League
A simple change that would greatly improve ranked play in League of Legends. Leave your suggestion in the comments!
People like the player: "kill yourself" from the OCE servers are an example of bad sportsmanship and an even worse Customer Experience from the Riot staff! He uses names like and i quote "kill yourself", "kill %%%%%s" to intentionally bait unknowing people like myself into getting successfully reported for being abusive and "racist" when you are trying to just say the name of said individual. I got a 25 game ban for this!? Riot clean up your game and put a filter on your naming system before you start falling for these easy tricks! this is obviously an effort by certain toxic members of the Riot community to discourage and tilt new players, thus making the game less welcoming to newer players as well as inexperienced players trying to improve. Riot have not been helpful at all in helping remove this "troll" behaviour from matchmaking and the honor system is, and this is with sincere honesty, completely failing the player base! Instead of trying to create tilt-free incentive through an honor system HOW ABOUT YOU EMPLOY MODERATORS TO WEED OUT THE REASON FOR THE TILTS! I've seen many players on this forum suffer from troll behaviour that seeks to actively cause discomfort to players and it's sad to say the solution is soo simple but you guys don't wanna do it! Just employ people that have a keen eye for what is mandatory behaviour, I am certain that 80% of toxic and tilted behaviour is caused by some sort of troll behaviour within the game! DONT SHUT UP YOUR PLAYERS! instead give them a better gaming experience, moderators for the future of League of Legends and for the future of the players! ALONG WITH THIS I LINKED A VIDEO DISCUSSING BETTER PUNISHMENTS FOR THE TROLLS AND AFK PLAYERS that will ensure the toxic people will remain together and the people actually trying will successfully rank up! if you have to create a new rank for the bad players I believe many people would be fine with that! Don't punish innocent players for being unluckily matchmaked with a troll or afk player... instead only punish the player that would undermine others. If you que for a ranked game you should know that you are going to spend 25-60 min playing the game at your harderst and properly, if they can't do that then they shouldn't que in the first place. you wanna know what actually happens to the trolls? nothing they can't use an automated system to work out who the trolls are but they can use automation to filter through chats and see tilt ! Here's an example of a man who trolled 250 games straight and got nothing, no ban no warning nothing: PLS RIOT CARE ABOUT YOUR PLAYERS this is on the verge of cyber-bullying... no wait it is cyber bullying how can you be promoting your game knowing there are bullies in the game? Also this is the chat log i reference in the above statement! Mnkeyman: i played with kill yourself today Mnkeyman: he's been inting allday Mnkeyman: but his actually a plat smurf Mnkeyman: you guys got an inter Mnkeyman: i feel bad for yall Mnkeyman: yeh kill yourself ben intentionally feeding aall day Mnkeyman: played with him earlier Mnkeyman: but also if you were the xin from last game this is going be easy game Mnkeyman: oh god Mnkeyman: xin gank Mnkeyman: pls Mnkeyman: kill yourslf is a plat smurf Mnkeyman: says so here Mnkeyman: he either does well or int feeds Mnkeyman: obviously top is his main and when he gets other roles he just feeeds Mnkeyman: if you came ealier xin Mnkeyman: would have been gg Mnkeyman: you saw my pings earlier before you dc.d? Mnkeyman: kill yourself why did you feed in every game i played with you Mnkeyman: im actually a hundred percent sure this game is against me Mnkeyman: not you Mnkeyman: kill yourself Mnkeyman: he int'd every game i played with him today Mnkeyman: and one game im not with him Mnkeyman: he usses his main Mnkeyman: not a troll just unlucky Mnkeyman: versing a plat smurf that fed when he waas on my teams and when im against him he actually tries Mnkeyman: very unlucky Mnkeyman: if you look at my match history you can actually see kill youself feeding every game he played with me Mnkeyman: life is just weird Mnkeyman: you can Mnkeyman: but i wasnt inting Mnkeyman: im reporting kil yourself for not inting aagainst me, which means he is being discriminitive towards me whenever he plays with me he feeds Mnkeyman: they need to get rid of trolls Mnkeyman: like kill yourself Mnkeyman: no legit check his game history Mnkeyman: Mnkeyman: proof he's a plat smurf Mnkeyman: pls report him Mnkeyman: kill yourself Mnkeyman: pls pls pls Mnkeyman: ive been reporting him all day Mnkeyman: hes a gate keeper Mnkeyman: idc if you report me Mnkeyman: but report that mother fucking plebn Mnkeyman: kill yourself report him Mnkeyman: he's plat Mnkeyman: and every game i played with him Mnkeyman: he fed Mnkeyman: lux listen Mnkeyman: to me Mnkeyman: we're playing against a plat/ challenger smurf Mnkeyman: who intentionally deranked (PS : i'm not gonna sugar coat anything i was also in the wrong here for getting tilt! I already spoke to some of my UNIVERSITY CLUB members about it and taking their experienced advice I'm just gonna mute people from now on, and if someone seems suss at the beginning of the match or troll picks I should mute them from the beginning)
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