Is smurfing in clash bannable?

i have hard evidence one of my old irl friends who we since had a falling out with had his friend buy a account to smurf... pretty much this guy is as boosted as it gets is a chally 3v3 player and gets diamonds to carry him in solo que in reward he plays 3's with them... his account is even boosted im willing to bet. the final straw for this scum is the fact thier all diamond and mid plat team went from going 0-2 first day to winning next day with a fresh lvl 30 on their team with 5wins 3 losses.... with 0 match history other than the solo games.. it's obvious he bought this account and used it for clash. im just wondering if i send a ticket is it bannable as i would love to see them banned for account sharing for one and breaking tos in clash... also would be icing on the cake as he is nothing but toxic to anyone below diamond and we were irl friends until he got d4 in solo and then i was trash to him lol. also side note im not going to expose names of players, i will leave that to riot when it comes time.
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