so ive only had one 14 day suspension and that was lowkey 4 months ago but now after a really bad game of going 6/18 with zed midlane and i got reported by my team for inting although i clearly wasnt just a bad game and i was actually trying to play with them shouting at me and being salty af i got banned and i also said a few mean things in chat to my team to defend myself although i should have just ignored them. im wondering if its justified that i got a permaban after only 1 suspension and a bad game because this just does not seem fair. oh and here is my chat log too. Game 1 xAkG: WTF xAkG: teleporting lil bitch xAkG: kata is such a bullshit champ fuck that shit xAkG: WHAT xAkG: thats just stupid xAkG: im not i cant play against fuckin katarina xAkG: kys xAkG: nice job there killis someone who is weak xAkG: oh you can steal a kill but not help xAkG: shut up xAkG: oh hey look a magical button called mute i wonder what it doe xAkG: report jung and bot flame xAkG: fucking riven man xAkG: she stunned me xAkG: so salty xAkG: HOW OFTEN DO YOU HAVE THAT THING xAkG: WTF xAkG: thats just stupid man xAkG: gg i swear alot thats a bad habit but i dont really care about my account getting banned my main concern is all the money i put into rp and all the champions i bought, i kinda want em back besides leveling up a new acc sounds kinda fun. its like a trip down memory lane

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