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As you could notice, there is a report reason called "intentionally feeding". It is meant for people who are dying to the enemy team with the intent to give up gold and, usually, lose the game. {{item:2319}} Obvious intentional feeders wear boots of mobility and zeals as symbols of honor or stack tears to symbolise their and/or their allies' grief. They are easy to catch automatically, they often try to receive an immediate reaction from their teammates. They are motivated by desire to troll or end the game as soon as possible. This is something people do when they get too emotional. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} There are very few people who try to intentionally lose games, but stay under the radar. People like that are scheming and vile and their motivations drastically differ - these are either smurfs who want to drop as low to enjoy lower elo or bitter permabanned players trying to prove some sick point or even kill the game(rrright). {{champion:30}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3111}} There are also weird cases of setting up your allies or jungle creeps to feed the enemy team, which often requires specific champions. {{champion:34}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:12}} This is all. Nothing else **is** intentional feeding. ____ Sadly, Riot Games, the small indie company, _can't afford hiring professional designers_, so we have the following report reasons in out client: 1. Negative attitude - Literally anything 2. Offensive language - offensive language 3. Hate speech - really offensive language 4. **Intentionally feeding** 5. Leaving the game/AFK 6. Cheating 7. Inappropriate Name {{sticker:sg-janna}} And actually...intentional feeding reports that are not at all for intentional feeding are acted upon. If you try to abuse every single right you have - from playing ADC Fiddlesticks to banning your allies' champions, you are going to get punished under the "intentional feeding" reason. Basically, any gameplay offences, like following your jungler and stealing his camps will be also "intentionally feeding". That report covers https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/mobile/000/016/301/icon.jpg ____ **That shit is vague. ** Really, really, really vague. While everyone visiting player behaviour forums knows more or less what is punishable in chat, things like that stupid Sion, proxy Singed and even fucking Hashinshin's ban split the forum, the lawyers of league community, into two camps throwing poop at each other. What is punishable is undefined, everyone decides it for himself. I have to address some common BS before I proceed: BS: If you play too risky and don't learn from your deaths, you must be losing games intentionally. A: Everyone does what works for him. Some people play coin-flip champions, some people rely on their opponent making a misplay and go overly aggressive. They think it is statistically better to make that play, than not to make it. You can be upset about it, but it can't be against the rules. BS: If you are something/something you don't deserve your elo. A: I do. BS: You can't play off-meta if your team is not okay with it. A: I actually can if I don't require them to play around me being off-meta. It's no different than playing Tristana when she is the least popular adc. BS: If you make overly aggressive plays after dying a couple of times(or even more) you are inting. A: No, I am probably tilted, which means I don't realise that I am making overly aggressive plays. BS: If you are tilted go play another account. A: https://media.tenor.com/images/f1ebe08f4f97804ae21a71da74e730f2/tenor.gif BS: Firsttiming champions in ranked is intentional feeding A: 01:16:17 PM) Visitor 23245356 is now known as SonicAF. (01:16:17 PM) SonicAF: Is it allowed to firsttime a champion in a ranked game? It can put your team in disadvantage. Does it mean that it violated ToS or summoner's code? (01:16:19 PM) *** <AnonymousRitoSupport> joined the chat *** (01:16:31 PM) <AnonymousRitoSupport>: hi there (01:17:36 PM) SonicAF: Yeah, hi. (01:18:05 PM) <AnonymousRitoSupport>: well, it's not breaking the rules if you play for the first time a champion in ranked (01:18:09 PM) <AnonymousRitoSupport>: but it's not recommended (01:18:23 PM) <AnonymousRitoSupport>: but there are some players having great skills before actually practicing the champion (01:20:29 PM) SonicAF: I understand that it's not something to be adviced, but can one be banned for trolling if he does so and underperforms, while not actively trying to lose? (01:21:14 PM) SonicAF: This is clearly not "trying to win as much as you can" and someone on forums pointed that out. (01:22:15 PM) <AnonymousRitoSupport>: I don't believe players are doing that, as everyone wants to win when they enter the game (01:22:26 PM) <AnonymousRitoSupport>: bad games do happen even with level 7 mastery champions (01:23:41 PM) SonicAF: Thank you for your time. You were very helpful. (01:23:50 PM) <AnonymousRitoSupport>: Glad to hear that :) (01:23:54 PM) <AnonymousRitoSupport>: Thank you for stopping by We reached the point where people manage to say that with the straight face and think they **might be in the right**. In the queue you could be bullied for much, much less and many people honestly believe that they could get you banned if they report you enough. This shit is never-ending. ____ In this light I'd like to address Hashinshin's ban and the exact score he had to reach to be unarguably considered intentionally feeding - after all, 0/19 is too high, right? No diamond would die so much, right? Well, I guess so. Something like 0/6 would be much better and not indicative of taking it too far. 0 0 0 Gold 300 -1 1 Gold 274 -2 2 Gold 220 -3 3 Gold 176 -4 4 Gold 140 -5 5 Gold 112 -6 6 Gold 90 -7 7 Gold 72 -8 8 Gold 58 -9 9+ Gold 50 But it turns out that after dying 6 times you cost like a cannon. Or less. Think about it - at this point it's worth literally dying 1v1 for a cannon. You are motivated to take risks even if you have to intention to feed gold to the enemy. His last 13 deaths, no matter how reckless or stupid, fed around 1k gold, if we consider assists(700 if we don't). He was in a situation where death is _very_ cheap, unless someone was stacking Mejai's on him, which didn't happen. He could say "Of course I knew I am going to die in all of those situations" - but** knowingly dying** and even **intentionally dying** is not the same thing as intentionally feeding. We could argue, that this player wanted that game to be over asap after _dying to his cat_ and acted accordingly, but you need the evidence of intent, because in this case intent is punishable not the action. And you can't be considered guilty until proven innocent. ____ Do I think that he should be unbanned? Hell no. As long as that pussy doesn't write to Riot support, he is a huge part of false-punishment problem and he doesn't deserve his account at all. What has to be done is working with the community and changing the perception of the things what are intentional feeding and what are not. What is reportable and what is not. Starting with this confusing pathetic piece of shit https://i.imgur.com/2nUkbBi.png As soon as possible.

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