It's about people.

I know that everybody meets a troll as well as afkers sometimes. My question is, is it really fair for everybody in the team to lose lp or worse get demoted because someone wanted to troll or leave the game? I lost many games today, in one of them we had 2 people afk and the other 2 didn't want to surrender so it was basically a prison, and in the other there was a jungler that picked Ezreal, went mid, and at lvl 1 announced that he would troll, he hard run down the mid, fed the enemy mid and that was the game. Point is that those people don't mind to be banned, so it's more of a blessing for them rather than a punishment. When someone loses a game they shall as well lose some lp, but why couldn't it be at least less lp deu to the fact that there were trolls in the team? I'm a support, I was silver 1, went down to silver 3 and about to hit silver 4, I'm not a professional, I know that silver is where I belong, but I try my best in every game, and all the struggle doesn't lead anywhere but down. Have a nice day.

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