New player. Is LoL worth putting up with the toxicity?

Having put it off for about a year (worried that I might get addicted) I only started playing LoL a few weeks ago. I have never been flamed/blamed/sworn at/told to uninstall/would rather have an intermediate bot/etc. like I have during my first few weeks in this game. And it amazes me that anyone lasts beyond these initial few weeks. I guess it's a credit to the game design that people keep coming back for more. And this is from normal games only; I have never played ranked and I'm concerned it will only get worse if/when I do. On a personal level i find the constant flaming faintly amusing. The barely coherent rantings of a few immature gamers are largely meaningless to me, and I try to remind people that, yes I suck. I'm learning the game, and unranked play is where people go to learn how champions work and practice against other players. I also ask for constructive criticism, but, well... its rarely that constructive. I do watch youtube videos/VOD's, read and follow champion guides, watch pros on Twitch to try to improve. But I would be lying if I said I was totally unaffected by what people say, and sometimes I have reported people when they've been particularly mean-spirited/offensive. I can honestly say that this is the worst new player experience of any game I have played. And even though I am really enjoying LoL, I am concerned that this game will die due to playerbase stagnation and its toxic reputation and rather than invest the huge amount of time it will take to "git gud" it makes me wonder if I should put it down and play something else. I am having fun at the moment but is it worth persevering, or should I just uninstall and save myself a lot of bother? Should I ever try ranked play? Should I try to show the flamers the error of their ways by being relentlessly nice and positive?
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