League of Crybabies

SO, I Recently got chat restriction because of "bad behavior", "negative/offensive language" and stuff like that. I know the things I've said, because I told them all the time, these words are the following: -You're useless -You suck -You're making me lose my time -I'm not babysitting a low iq person like you -Keep crying -Bye-Bye, keep trolling and feeding your lane, not gonna risk my KDA -Keep trolling, i'm gonna only stay on base soon -I'm not ganking you, don't waste my time and words Literally anything more, no swearing, NO RACIAL SLURS, no REAL toxic behavior, etc. I DON'T thing calling someone BAD can be label as toxic, I'm being freaking HONEST, I LOVE TO TALK WITH FACTS, if I do BAD at a game, and someone tells me that and asks for surrender at any min (because it depends) I accept it without any objections because it's TRUE, IT'S A DAMN FACT, and you should accept it too pal, we are humans, and constructive criticism helps us to get better. (Positive or Negative, Search Sr Pelo's video you should watch it: https://youtu.be/W7djY-nXkpY) If you can't accept negative opinions, you are a triggered crybaby, if that comment doesnt include any kind of swearing, what's the deal? That's all I'm gonna say, thanks.

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