Riot deleting post?

Banned For Taking Ghost/Cleanse Strategically So apparently I griefed for taking cleanse/ghost as a strategic choice when the opponent against a veigar that I can't move past without as a rengar queued for top lane. Some backstory: I'm the top laner that went rengar.
I rarely decide to post here, but I do lurk in the forums often just to entertain myself and see how the community/Riot are interacting. Basically I was led here after a string of YouTube videos, Reddit post and some Riot staff's Tweets. I've noticed a few post on these forums being deleted or locked and those post (coincidentally) happen to be the few pointing out flaws or conspiracy. A recent example is some player named "Ozu" and his post that I've linked above. (Lol if it's deleted by the time I post this) I personally commented on that post with my main account, stating I lost 1/3 of an Honor level because I took Cleanse and Clarity in ARAM every time I rolled a support champ. I posted proof of my interactions with Riot Live Chat and their response, not maliciously, but for the sake of relating with the OP and his story. My comment was deleted along side other comments players made. Riot "Keyru" then locked the post and redirected us to an Error 404 Page with his alleged "reasoning". How convenient is that? I'm sure if I dig deeper in the forums I can find similar posts, but I'm not trying to start a war just genuinely curious.
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