I Got Chat Restricted too Many Times.

I played this game since 2010. So that is a long time. I watch what "pro's" play online they have a lot more freedom then your average player. But that doesn't mean I have no heart. I used to actively support this game. There are obviously worlds more players, then when I began. The kicker is LCS players are allowed to curse, even to their own team mates and say words like "useless" and "garbage" and yet we solo players have to deal with "toxic" almost every game. People don't tend to care about that what they say in games. I played mid lane not long ago and I kept getting hit at mid no one would help me at all. I try to be nice most of the time but there is a point into where it becomes very very hard to gain respect from others no matter what i say. the only thing i feel that does work is for me to keep saying things that make people follow me in early game "I have played this game before pro teams existed" and that saying is true. But when I talk I am being targetted. I, like I said in this same game I died at least 4 times in very early game and I used the word "bombarded" like 4 times in one match. Next thing you know, I feel like I am being beheaded and I am chat restricted because of one game for using the word "bombarded". Other people and pros can say any curse word. This company is being super selective about what they want and like but they don't tell you what rule you are breaking. There are too many sides and things I have to deal with emotionally after every game I feel the stress...how are they going to support the under dog? WHEN are they going to reward players for constant GOOD gameplay (damage dealt, good kda this one is important, time spent around allies, warding in good places, not spamming in chat, healing dealt). I am actually being generous here because it does get worse. A whole lot of "pro" streamers have stopped streaming this game we can assume they could have even quit. It's just becoming overbearing because they ignore SELECT issues ONLY. Even when I talk about this game I feel exhausted. I was in the hospital a few years ago and this guy says "what mistake have you made that makes you think you got in this hospital?" I started to flutter mentally I had to grab some air and I said well, I have a good life. I really do but I played League of Legends for too long. He took my heart very seriously. I know this is silly in a hospital. But I was like thinking "all of that time I would worry instead of having fun outside of video games".. I don't see myself playing this game anytime soon. They are not there for people they are there for punishment and complainning and silencing select people, and this all comes in waves. I gaurentee.
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