While playing simply to tilt a player may be an effective strat, it's a real douche move honestly...

Sometimes you'll get a game where two people make it a point to just make sure you have the least amount of fun as possible. You can be camped in a regular game, but there are times when you simply are camped to the point where they're literally trying their very best to just tilt you. Having played a game vs a Diamond 1 Twitch jungle, (I'm only Gold playing in solo Q, so why am I facing a Diamond 1 at all?) the Twitch spent 5 minutes of his early game running mid and just comboing with ekko, ganking me even before I was level 2, and just constantly getting on me. And by the way... this was a normals. My own team was literally telling me, "They're trying to tilt you." And it worked. Now, you could say that the Twitch was just camping a lane to get their laner ahead. But no. This was legitimately a play to just make me rage quit. When I never even pushed out and I'm standing under turret and they still dive me long after you're going 0/3 and I'm clearly not even worth gold anymore, then when I try to go to another lane, they literally follow me just to keep you from playing the game, it's the most infuriating, tilting, and absolutely obnoxious thing you can ever experience. It worked. I got so freaking mad and angry that I hard flamed them as hard as possible and just left the game, ending with an 0/8. If it was due to shoving the lane with no wards, fine, if I just was over extended, then fine, but this was a legitimate hard attack just to make a person not even enjoy the game and it's just a dick move in every way. They did it, they beat me hard and all I could do was just give them what they wanted and rage at them super hard and gave them someone to laugh at. Were they wrong? No. They camped a lane super hard and it won them the game because the mid laner rage quit. At the same time, playing the game simply to attack another player mentally, especially in a regular normal game, just felt like a huge freaking dick move.
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