im banned and my punishment was *way too cruel* ->14 Days. I'd Atleast expect 4-8 day

Yeah. like i was saying . Being Banned for 14 days Is way beyond cruel, Heres my last game playing draven, that i got mad and gave up Now heres every other game i played with draven What had happened in that game was a weakness in my charecter. what im asking is for a reduction in days that im banned Please. it was the only time i inted, and that was because once Vayne got ahead i gave up on trying. I promise that being a troll isn't apart of my charecter in other Games i go Balistic as an adc, It just that game wasn't the game for me and it was the wrong commp and wrong time. There wasn't a trolling spree from game after game after game. It was One. Game. One game One game isn't worth A 14 week ban, Thats Overdoing it. 45 Minutes of a game shouldnt get somone a ban for that long
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