Please add a block system during matchmaking.

So I'm a new player in 2019, and I'm only new because I avoided playing this game due to the terrible things I heard about "toxic" players. Now I know all game player bases have toxic players, but being forced to play with them game after game simply isn't the answer. There are some players that will intentionally farm the jungle for no reason other than an accidental KS. There are others that harass you after the game, even if you carried them to victory, kicking and screaming. And I can only hope the report feature works in my games with these people. But there's no reason to be matched multiple times with folks like these. Even _if_ they are children who need reform, I will strictly argue that they will not learn manners or sportsmanship via an online video game that has no repercussions. Please add a do not matchmake list, preferably separate from the blocked list. I know this potentially reduces the cashgrab from these strange, unhappy people. But the quality of the game will improve if bad behavior is not tolerated. As a side note, these folks will be forced to make new accounts and buy more items, so this could actually make Riot more money in the long run. Sincerely, A new fan that wants to play against the other team, not my own
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