Account Stolen And Now Perma Banned - Help?

I don't even know where to start from... I'm just shocked! Yesterday I wanted to return to the game after a break of over two years of LoL. Before downloading the game client, I logged into the account on the league of legends website to see if I still have, so history stats saved and stuff like that. Then it dawns on me! 1. My first and only username on EU NE was blackcatsonya. I have never changed it, yet here it is, changed by someone else. 2. I panicked and sent a ticket before downloading the game client (i sent a second one after finding more details and providing more proof); I also reset my password. About two weeks ago I received a strange email in Polish from zendesk, and something about LoL - I thought it was a scam, so I didn't think much of it. Pardon my french, but the idiot that stole my account sent a ticket to Riot Support, and it landed in my email, as it still was connected to the account. And yesterday I realized that the mail was actually from Riot. I used google translate to learn about the issue, and while the game client downloaded the game, I found out my account was perma banned because of this person who had a toxic language in game. Also, after I found out it was perma banned, I explained everything in a new ticket, sent print screens of two past transactions when I purchased RP from the official LOL store, sent them even a print screen with facebook album of mine, showing them photos from the time I played. I told them I never shared my account with people or used 3rd party software. I also told them I am not from Poland and have never been there; I don't even speak Polish. Another proof I have is that I only played SUPPORT in ranked games during the seasons I was an active player and that this person was mainly jungler, and in the chat logs from games, this person got reported it even said: "Pre Game Lobby: KıssYourSister: i dont go support KıssYourSister: ARDENT LEE KıssYourSister: OK KıssYourSister: i go support" I think it's obvious my account was stolen. I am from Romania, and even though I have an issue, I always ask for help in English, plus I don't speak Polish! it's proof enough that I wasn't the person playing on this account for the season 8 and 9 (i checked on opgg website to see what this person was up to and when he/she started to play on my account.) I have no idea how they got my account; I never shared my account detail with anybody; my email is super secured and hasn't been breached. I played for almost 5 years LoL, never broke the rules, never shared accounts, never flamed, never got bans because of that. **My question to a moderator or someone that knows stuff like this is: Will I ever get back my account?** Can we do something and make Riot actually listen and introduce a 2step verification service... I'd happily introduce 10 codes every time I log in just to keep my account safe. I am a 30 year old woman and I am so mad and sad at the same time that this thing happened to me. Please, someone notice this post and tell me I have a chance at getting MY ACCOUNT back and unbanne, an account which I haven't used in years... I want it back so that I can play again. I have it since 2011 and I haven't just invested money and time in it, I made friends and even got my first skin from my boyfriend who is now my fiancee. Someone at Riot, do something about it, and make stealing accounts difficult for these scums that have no idea that gaming actually means having fun and winning on your own, not stealing or buying other people's accounts to brag about things they didn't even achieve on their own.
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