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Is there anyway that I can get my account unbanned? I was diagnosed with narcolepsy at the peak when I was pretty toxic and was not happy with anything in the world to be honest. I was also going through a really rough breakup and I was very depressed and was full of hatred. I was not in a good place mentally. I was very suicidal and had took life for granted, causing me to say and do things I never meant. Since then I've gotten help and received therapy. I don't take life for granted anymore like I used to, life is such a precious thing... While I was in therapy, I stopped playing video games because they would usually stress me out and make me react ways I didn't want to. ( Mainly With Anger ) This would not only affect the people in the game I was playing, It would also affect my family. By not playing video games and taking a break showed me how they should be played competitively but they don't mean everything in the world. I need to have fun. I would also act out at my family when they tried to get me to calm down. I know that what I was doing and saying to my teammates is very wrong and no one should be treated like the way I treated people. I know how eminent it is to restrict this kind of behavior. I have truly changed and improved as a person. When I was diagnosed I was prescribed medicine that I have to take every day. I am on medication to help with my anxiety, depression, anger, and many other things... Regarding my ban, I would really appreciate if you could give me a chance... Personally I believe I deserve one. I was going through a very rough time and it took a lot to get out of the hole I was in. I also think that if someone really has changed after they had messed up and they repent, that they should get another chance. We are humans, we make mistakes and bad decisions, but people can change for the better and I believe I have. When I first was diagnosed I had stopped going to school for many reasons. Mainly because of my depression and my narcolepsy. Being diagnosed as a Sophomore in High school with depression and narcolepsy is very hard. Knowing that you are going to be stuck with 2 really big things for pretty much the rest of your life had a big toll on me. Also soon after, my girlfriend that I was very very close to had broken up with me on our 1 Year Anniversary. I was very attached to her and losing her put me down a ton. I had really given up on life and stopped thinking of other people and myself. It took almost 5 months to start getting back on track. I started to attend school again and become a straight A student at the beginning of this school year. ( I'm in the 11th grade now ) I was in a dark place then, but I have really changed. I realize that I was given a chance to reform before I was banned but I was in such a bad place then that I physically couldn't. I wasn't prescribed any medicine, and I hadn't been enrolled in any therapy sessions at the time. There was no way that I would've thought that I was on the road to getting permanently banned. I realize now how obvious it was that if I kept acting out I was going to get permanently banned, and I wish I could go back and tell myself to really get some help but I can't. I put a lot of time in League and was one of the first games I really loved playing in general. I had worked jobs saving up for RP and spent money I had earned on this game. I really loved this game and loved playing and having a good time with my friends. Again I know what I had done was very wrong but I have really changed as a person. I hope you consider my request. It would really mean a lot to me. Thank you for your time. (EDIT) Responding to some of the comments I realize that people may see this and think that I want them to pity me, but my point of this is that I wasn't mentally in a state to make good decisions for myself. I really am apologetic for the stuff I had cause but like I said that I would've never been able to see that I was going down a wrong path. I am mainly trying to refer to the "Mental Disorder Defense" Where in cases of criminal acts, defendants would plea Non Guilty because of a mental disorder. That's how I stand. I know that they can't send a specialist to see if I was not right mentally, and they don't know if my story is even true. But I'm just saying why I was acting the way I was. And the reason why I don't want to make another account is because I've had this account since S4 and had saved up and spent money on RP. I also put a ton of my time into the game on this account. I'm not asking to get my ban completely lifted but to at least reduce my sentence a little bit. Like maybe for a month or so. Just feels like I wasted a ton of money on a game I can't even play anymore, and use the things I had paid for.
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