This game is unhealthy.

If I thought playing FortNite and girinding the Season pass was hard, at least I can buy like 10 levels very easy and unlock stuff without spending my entire week / months away from Family, Work, missing sleep all so I can farm a prestiege edition skin... Yet today I just found out I got screwed over when I was frozen at 889 tokens and couldn't get anymore, nor could I buy them to get the limited edition skin... Yet I spent hours ,weeks away playing LOL away from family, and If I was going to school would have missed my school work all for a skin, but nope Got screwed over totally. **Riot Games is creating a really un-healthy addiction here can't get reasonable time to unlock a skin with 4 tokens per win and not enough challenges / missions once you do them all to get it unlocked in time even with the pass.** Please fix this it's total bulls*** !

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