Will there ever be a punishment for passive players in Solo Q ?

PASSIVE ENEMIES: How come often passive players have better ways of punishing an aggressive player, rather than aggressive players have no way of punishing a passive player that is hugging tower all game long ? If you are facing a laner that is passively hugging their tower with constant jungle pressure how are you bound to punish that player's passiveness if they are ranged and can freely farm near turret ? ( And no I am not talking about lane freezing from their side, just pure passiveness, even if I freeze my lane they would still come up if ranged and if I engage on them their jungler will constantly have their back, turning the situation in 2v1 ) PASSIVE TEAMMATES: When I am proactive and aggressive I often find my self outnumbered due to the passiveness of my teammates and die, therefore they are saying I am feeding, but they are the ones being passive and not following a good call to take the fight. ( But obviously, If I know we lose a 5v5 I wont engage ) Then the enemy team gets even more advantage off of that and my team becomes even more passive and scared to engage. Does anyone know a way of dealing with passive players in Solo Q or am I getting something wrong and the game should be played passively ?
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