Inting Player, Nunu ADC, Said he wants to get demoted to Iron IV

So, I'm grinding my way through Silver and after losing one game because our mid ragequit at 8 minutes in, I accepted the bad luck and rallied for another try. This time I was Support Nautilus (opop). During the draft, my ADC picked after me and picked Nunu and Willump. Strange to see a Nunu ADC, but whatever, as long as he tries I can support it and make it work. Then when the game started he walked to lane and said "BRB in 5 minutes." But then he never did anything for the entire match. I noticed that he just stood at our turret and would occasionally walk to the other side of it. I presume it is because if you stand still too long LeaverBuster will kick you from the game. So he was purposely walking to the turret, then waiting for the enemy to dive him and feed. I tried my best as Nautilus to prevent this but eventually the enemy team figured out that he wasn't going to fight and they won the lane. The enemy team was asking what was going on and I said "I think he is trying to force losses to get demoted to Iron." Then suddenly he spoke in /all chat and admitted "this nautilus is smart ^^". So he admitted that he was trying to force losses in order to be demoted down to Iron IV. I took a screenshot of this. I later looked at his and saw that he's been doing this every game as Nunu. 0/15, 1/17, 1/11, loss after loss after loss. He is currently Bronze II (and falling). This is straight up trolling and extremely frustrating. I should note that we did try to win despite his trolling, but the enemy team capitalized on him and then my top decided to just FF vote and move on and my team forfeit. (He was active enough to vote to forfeit but not do anything else.) At the end of the match I was demoted to Silver IV because of his antics. Everyone reported him, and I also put in a ticket with the screenshot of him admitting in chat that he was purposely trying to lose to get to Iron IV. So frustrating. This game is so tough because of people like this guy who aren't playing to win. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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