League will not stop being toxic unless they fix this! Chat toxicity is not the main problem!

Have you been the gamer that starts a ranked match planning to give it all for the victory and when you land on the rift, your team sucks? Then eventually, you become the "toxic" one because you rage at others who don't give a crap about the match? You are not alone, and League knows it. Toxicity is the worst enemy of this game but it won't change soon because League is not focused on who is playing good or bad, instead, they are focused on the chat log and what you say on it. That's why League will not get rid of the toxicity! Because you can stay quiet, ruin other people's match and at the end, the one that flamed on the chat because he really cared is the one that gets banned quickly. The company needs to understand that there are people that give it all in the field, and there are others that simply join to avoid playing Blind. League, I want you to answer to me these questions: How do you detect when a player goes jungle, adc, support, or champion they have barely played and ruin others people's matches? How do you detect when a player is quiet in chat but has given up and is trolling? How do you detect when a player goes constantly afk for 1 or 2 minutes and does not get hit by the leave buster? How do you detect when people go unconventional champions like I had in a match, Cassiopea jungler and he ruins the match? It's really easy to write scripts and scrap the chat logs and look for words and common sentences and ban a player for flaming. But the majority of the time, the toxic ones are the ones that want to win, while the quiet ones are the trolls. Please, fix the matchmaking system and the way you judge your players. I feel like Sundays are the worst days to play the game cause is when all the small kids are around ruining other people's matches and ranks. The game is awesome, but CHAT TOXICITY is less important than GAMEPLAY TOXICITY. I have played with flaming partners that are AMAZING and have carried through the victory, while some QUIET ones are really really out of our ELO. This is one of the biggest hurdles we face in ranked. Anyone else agrees with me? Comments?
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