What should a player ban entail? Victim mentality in league of legends

I received a 14 day suspension on my account to today. I was told the following text is why I received this ban. To give background of myself I have been playing league since season 2 and have never gotten any type of ban. I firmly believe that staying forward thinking and focusing on your own play is how you win, and that fighting or flaming team mates only lowers your chance of winning and is a waste of your time. Yet in every single game players will flame eachother, especially if they are losing. 90% of the losing games I have had in the past 7 years of playing this game people flame each other. It will continue to be like this forever, because it is a competition and they want to win. There will always be tension in competition and that is honestly what makes it fun and worth it to play, because otherwise it feels meaningless. In the 2 games presented to me I was being flamed in both and defending myself. Both of these games are just me responding (very jokingly sarcastically) to flame being thrown at me. There is no hostile intent in anything I say. I believe the reason i got banned is because of a game that isn't shown here where I said "KYS" in all chat, and that's where I want other peoples opinions. Should saying 3 letters to someone be an auto 14 day suspension of perma ban? There is always going to be negativity thrown at you in life, especially on the internet. There is toxicity in the majority of league of legends games, that is a fact. Should there be governance to keep toxicity down so it doesn't get out of control? absolutely. But i believe the current direction creates victims instead of arming players against the inevitable. There is a responsibility to players that are being flamed, just the same as there is to players that WANT to flame. They need to mute them and continue to think forward and constructive, and should be encouraged to do so. I shouldn't type "KYS" in chat to someone, but I shouldn't get an auto 14 day ban for it. The player that reported me is not a victim, and I am not an offender. Because everyone who is a victim in this game is also an offender. It is the ones that flame more often that deserve an automatic ban. If players flame and ruin the game every time they play please ban them automatically. I don't ever talk negatively in chat and i said KYS one time to someone flaming me and get a 14 day ban for it. That isn't right. I don't want the person to kill himself obviously, I want him to realize I'm not a punching bag and that I will defend myself. People are not going to end their lives because someone says "KYS" to them over a video game in response to banter. Honestly if it is going to be an autoban then it needs to be more clear and there needs to be a warning instead of 14 day suspension as the first offense. The point in all of this is that I believe there needs to be more attention raised about how players should react to toxicity and flame. It is inevitable that it will happen and instead of it being encouraged to be a victim (which breeds arguing and more toxicity), it should be encouraged to NOT react to it and mute the player instead. It is not a personal attack on people when you tell them they suck at a video game. The person just doesn't know how to win so the only action they know how to take is flaming their team mate. It is never a personal issue and therefore shouldn't be taken personally. What are other peoples thoughts? Should saying KYS ban you from playing for 14 days and potentially perma ban you? Also please unban me so I can get my gold border ^.^ Game 1 In-Game Overcastx: YOU stop feeding your lane Overcastx: game is unwinnable because YOU are feeding Overcastx: WAY TO GO Overcastx: rude toxic team Overcastx: zed no mom Overcastx: i think u mom gai Overcastx: ZED IS DOG Overcastx: ping me mao ne ze chu Overcastx: PING PING MAO ZE CHU Overcastx: why do you feed trist zed Overcastx: who Overcastx: U R NOOB Overcastx: D: Overcastx: WHAT U SAY TO ME Overcastx: BICC BOIIIII Overcastx: YOU MOM Overcastx: HAVE A BUTTHOLE Overcastx: MUTE ME LIKE YOU MOM Overcastx: U R FEEDING Overcastx: NOOB Overcastx: i can carry Overcastx: report my team for bully Overcastx: ty Overcastx: WHRE ARE YOU GUYS Overcastx: i try to carry gg Post-Game Overcastx: pls report brand for verbal abuse Overcastx: he really hurt my feelings Overcastx: ty Overcastx: you are a terrible person Overcastx: why do you say i int Overcastx: there you go again Overcastx: swearing at me Overcastx: i try to carry Overcastx: but noone follows up Overcastx: if you are good then you climb out of this elo easy Overcastx: so why be rude to me Overcastx: why flame me Overcastx: and say report me? Overcastx: i have bad game Overcastx: and almost carry Overcastx: you are a mean person Overcastx: i just hit level 30 Overcastx: isnt this a "fresh off the boat" rank? Overcastx: i try to play game but everyone is so rude all the time Overcastx: i don't get it Overcastx: i just try to carry Overcastx: noone try in normals Overcastx: oh Overcastx: gank too much? Overcastx: ohhhhh Overcastx: ok i try that Overcastx: ok u 2 Game 2 In-Game Overcastx: NASUS Overcastx: WOT R U DOING Overcastx: what did you call me you shit head? Overcastx: noob trundle Overcastx: what about master yi Overcastx: what about Overcastx: master yi Overcastx: where are my testicles summer Overcastx: wow i am fast as heck Overcastx: voli why you build so troll Overcastx: noob player Overcastx: anivia wall us in every fight Overcastx: i think he wants to lose Overcastx: STAY BACK IDIOT Overcastx: you did great cait but anivia is too heavy Overcastx: lets go next Overcastx: ur not my real dad Post-Game Overcastx: gj caitlyn Overcastx: better jg win
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