Debate with members of this "sub" about recent Chat Restrict.

Hey everyone so I've just been chat restricted and i'm wondering if i should make a ticket to support i feel it might be a bit overzealous. Its based on 1 game and the logs are : > Game 1 > Pre-Game > Krσnos: Jung > In-Game > Krσnos: oof > Krσnos: kinda late > Krσnos: leona no R > Krσnos: nami > Krσnos: pls > Krσnos: dude > Krσnos: stop forcing shit > Krσnos: like > Krσnos: there was no reason for you to do that > Krσnos: once he left > Krσnos: i could easily gank bot > Krσnos: and do 3v2 > Krσnos: instead of thsi shit > Krσnos: cuz panth loses top > Krσnos: 24/7 > Krσnos: you all need ganks > Krσnos: i cant gank all > Krσnos: yes i ganked you early > Krσnos: you souldnt need more > Krσnos: I CANT GANK 24/7 and everyone > Krσnos: like you? > Krσnos: man up > Krσnos: you start the combo with W > Krσnos: empowered > Krσnos: forcing shit like this > Krσnos: is not what we need to do > Krσnos: Press E * skills intensifies * > Krσnos: this pantheon kid > Krσnos: nah but i didnt say its nothing > Krσnos: at least i have skillshots mind you > Krσnos: just ff > Krσnos: this game > Krσnos: our pantheon wants to lose > Krσnos: trolls > Krσnos: started taking jungle farm > Krσnos: eh report thsi pantheon > Krσnos: ints toxic and now takes jungle farm > Krσnos: if you're jungler you need to be a literal god so you can gank all lanes at the same time 20 times > Krσnos: guys > Krσnos: just make sure to report our pantheon > Krσnos: yes > Krσnos: he took half of my jgl > Krσnos: bc i only ganked once > Krσnos: dont really care anymore > Krσnos: thsi shit ruined my game > Krσnos: so > Krσnos: what did we do > Krσnos: nothing > Krσnos: cuz this shit toplaner > Krσnos: is r%%%%%ed af > Krσnos: bg rep pantheon toxic and salty i " only ganked once " > Krσnos: nah just after you started moaning > Krσnos: and then took entire top half of the jungle > Krσnos: ill split bot > Krσnos: i cant do anything in teamfights > Krσnos: get those > Krσnos: rylais nami > Krσnos: wp > Krσnos: not twin shadows > Krσnos: push top > Krσnos: shut up > Krσnos: fish > Krσnos: you're the one always complaining > Krσnos: 6/1 being what %%%% > Krσnos: found pantheons premade guys > Krσnos: nah > Krσnos: this nami's logic > Krσnos: is probably accurate for her species > Krσnos: 2 brainlets on my team > Krσnos: Rylai nami with fish logic > Krσnos: and pantheon who moans for not receiving more than 1 gank > Krσnos: even tho he died once every minute > Post-Game > Krσnos: I'm the toxic one you're right panth you moan for not receiving more than 1 gank and then take the entire top side jungle Yea you're right im petty > Krσnos: Not you > Krσnos: and btw still dealt more dmg than you > Krσnos: you far cry for help
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