Another Chat Restriction, and how I feel this time around

ill post my logs below if any of you actually care enough to read them. At this point it feels like im going to disable my enter key so I cant type, getting reported for engaging in trashtalk with someone on the other team who is actively trash talking you should be fine. its gotten to the point where oneshotting the adc and typing in chat "get off my screen" is deemed toxic. Actual people think that is toxic, it makes so sense to me. calling out players is also bad. dont tell little jimmy he is inting or he'll report you, oops you said that jax with no full items at 45 minutes was useless, hey thats bad. Im just so fucking sick of people being hyper sensitive to any criticism or somthing they dont like. riot should rework what constitutes a report, because in REAL LIFE people say shit that hurts your feelings all the time and guess what riot isn't gonna be there to silence them Game 1 In-Game Ÿåsûø: ye Ÿåsûø: youre actually runnign grasp how beta of you Ÿåsûø: ok Ÿåsûø: im getting camped\ Ÿåsûø: so thats cool Ÿåsûø: i almost fucked that Ÿåsûø: hec Ÿåsûø: im legit getting camped and ur doping nothing Ÿåsûø: ff15 Ÿåsûø: Huge jg diff that i dont feel like dealing with Ÿåsûø: buddy Ÿåsûø: you missed ur flash Ÿåsûø: dont even type Ÿåsûø: nice score r%%%%% Ÿåsûø: oh? Ÿåsûø: youre gonna feed some more? Ÿåsûø: Im NoT dOnE yEt Ÿåsûø: you done yet? Ÿåsûø: deaths? Ÿåsûø: swain Ÿåsûø: you knew he was coming Ÿåsûø: why did you take the time to cs Ÿåsûø: then come Ÿåsûø: not the answer i was expecting Ÿåsûø: lol top pinged as i got hit with E Ÿåsûø: 3 more? Ÿåsûø: yes Ÿåsûø: im not even behind lol Ÿåsûø: get off my screen Ÿåsûø: kha Ÿåsûø: 1 more Ÿåsûø: LMAO Ÿåsûø: first thing ive said to you all game ashe Ÿåsûø: no need to get in your feelings Ÿåsûø: my ignite didnt go off Ÿåsûø: i almost broke my mouse Ÿåsûø: so waht Ÿåsûø: nothing about it is toxic Ÿåsûø: lol Ÿåsûø: ok buddy Ÿåsûø: it even says banter is ok Ÿåsûø: so if you want to be the white knight Ÿåsûø: go look at the summoners code if youre that type of kid Ÿåsûø: i went on the least tanky person i had access to Ÿåsûø: it was you or nobody Ÿåsûø: then mute me and report me if you really think it was so bad Ÿåsûø: why are you never in fights Ÿåsûø: omg Ÿåsûø: guys Ÿåsûø: stop hitting the FUCKING TANK Ÿåsûø: bro Ÿåsûø: youve ben useless for 35 minutes Ÿåsûø: cool ur so edgy Ÿåsûø: he sure didnt teach you english Ÿåsûø: me and kha are having fun you liberals need to chill Ÿåsûø: ur fine Ÿåsûø: im dione Ÿåsûø: let me out Ÿåsûø: you guys have 0 awareness Game 2 In-Game Ÿåsûø: we are blaming you Ÿåsûø: for picking a jg with help to this team Ÿåsûø: its like karthus jg but actually useless Ÿåsûø: LMAO Ÿåsûø: youre a good palyer Ÿåsûø: how many ganks have you completed Ÿåsûø: bro Ÿåsûø: you legit waited till afet i was dead to kill him Ÿåsûø: nice troll Ÿåsûø: we both have trash jg's but ours is more useless Ÿåsûø: support items are cool bro
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