And the Training Continues?

{{champion:74}} Hey everyone just wanted some thoughts. I've been playing league since 2014.Played every role since then, started as a main jungle->support->adc-> and finally main'd myself as a mid this season. Unfortunately I am the definition of the stuck silver meme. Each season I climb my way up to silver 1 (no joke) and manage to get into multiple rank ups throughout the season. Now I am not claiming to be the best player in the game, nor even perhaps in my league, but I am fairly competent ( I don't feed hard, I scale when I need to, play to my laning strengths, etc etc) this all works out for me. What has killed me for four year running now, and yes I said four, is getting multiple leavers/drunk trolls/ try hards, etc in my rank up que's. It's no joke when I say I make it into the que's and almost immediately lose all my games after winning my first one. Its beyond frustrating. Perhaps I'm not suited for this kind of thing, I'm not sure. Anyways, need some help from the community, thoughts ideas, etc. I main mid, and its been my strongest suit next to supporting, my mid main's are heimdinger (I know easy to counter but storng), swain (very easy to counter but strong mid -> late). My strengths lay in combos, and team work, and have an excellent skill shot. Thanks for your time, Kidnap Kench
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