Things trolls are doing right now to ruin games.

Ive decided to create a place for people to share their trolling experiences. for the purpose of spreading awareness and to identify that sometimes people pretend like they're having a bad game but they're not going to include the obvious feeders. but the ones that can be harder to spot unless you're watching. i will be updating this list regularly. and i hope rioters are reading this so they can adjust thier systems to detect the more subtle forms of griefing common troll tactics * singling out one player "usually the one who's maddest at them" and trying to get others to gang up on them * provoking allies trying to get them reported by as many people as possible and potnetially banned "also known as flamebaiting" * disco nunu * feeding. but in a way where they just look like your typical b5 baddie * double jungle trolling * multiple {{item:3070}} /{{item:3674}} /{{item:3086}} builds * support or jungle passive aggressively stealing farm * refusing to speak. and deliberately ignoring pings/play calls * giving enough early kills to a lane to sabotage it. but not enough to get noticed if anyone else sees other types of griefing. feel free to comment
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