RIOT is this honestly worth a permabanned?

I've spoken to a riot agent and they said that any small or minor negative behavior is bannable. Including pinging someones deathtimer, writting out a players K/D, arguing over a dragon lost. I was banned for just this one game's chat log. Game 1 Pre-Game eeveevolution: anyone here vapes eeveevolution: yo wtf they took nunu ;-; In-Game eeveevolution: he stolle my earlyblue eeveevolution: im alil behind eeveevolution: all day eeveevolution: ?? eeveevolution: ikkk eeveevolution: htey blew alot eeveevolution: it sjust mountain relax eeveevolution: let it go. eeveevolution: lol ok eeveevolution: like im going to outsmite a nunu eeveevolution: ? eeveevolution: what eeveevolution: the fuck are you guys doing lol eeveevolution: liss is 1/4 eeveevolution: lol eeveevolution: the reason why i let it go last time was because our mid was low and sup just backed eeveevolution: 1/5 eeveevolution: nice eeveevolution: why dont you just back off? eeveevolution: and get dragon? eeveevolution: wtf? eeveevolution: lol eeveevolution: you and taric got caught eeveevolution: by yas eeveevolution: no one is talking about you cait lmfao eeveevolution: i know eeveevolution: i weent to help them my fault eeveevolution: muting your pings eeveevolution: reason why im 8/1 eeveevolution: and liss is 1/56 eeveevolution: 1/5 eeveevolution: ? eeveevolution: 1/5 eeveevolution: 8/` eeveevolution: 8/1 eeveevolution: im clearing the wave eeveevolution: all what i was doing eeveevolution: im muting all tbh w.e eeveevolution: fr lol eeveevolution: im toxic? eeveevolution: you spam ping us cait lol eeveevolution: and called me a moron for not fighting at drag eeveevolution: im here ? lol eeveevolution: this cait spam pinging the entire teeam eeveevolution: inting mid lane eeveevolution: inting top lane? eeveevolution: the hypocricy Post-Game eeveevolution: I like how cait pulls out the victim card. eeveevolution: Cait you spam ping me and called me a moron eeveevolution: for not contesting dragon. eeveevolution: :D eeveevolution: :D eeveevolution: ^ eeveevolution: LOL eeveevolution: This cait acting like she was a perfect angel eeveevolution: Lmfao idgaf about you kid. eeveevolution: You spam ping eeveevolution: called me a moron eeveevolution: before i say anything at all. eeveevolution: Over a dragon eeveevolution: when we have no pressur enor wards eeveevolution: Check logs kid. eeveevolution: You cant report me for anything at all. eeveevolution: Sure bud. eeveevolution: lol eeveevolution: okay man eeveevolution: haha eeveevolution: ridicoulous how victimized you make your self seem. eeveevolution: Spam ping us more eeveevolution: baby girl i did twice your damage eeveevolution: secured infernal eeveevolution: secured herald eeveevolution: went 8/1 eeveevolution: all whiel you kept spammingping me and said i was thtwoing for letting go of mountain. eeveevolution: The onyl negative thing i ever said was 1/5 lissandra. eeveevolution: :) eeveevolution: GG :D eeveevolution: fix your pings and toxicity :D eeveevolution: You did the least damage in the team lol

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