fuck lol

Game 1 MrKenpachi: nice aim MrKenpachi: nice fed xin MrKenpachi: why u back vayn MrKenpachi: this fking azir MrKenpachi: we will be fine if we had mia MrKenpachi: this azir is bad MrKenpachi: no u didnt MrKenpachi: suck team MrKenpachi: he is back MrKenpachi: rengoi u blind MrKenpachi: idiot jungler MrKenpachi: stfu MrKenpachi: i called support? MrKenpachi: lol MrKenpachi: u wot mad MrKenpachi: u guys are trash MrKenpachi: dont forget u bronze xD MrKenpachi: cuz u suck MrKenpachi: Rofl MrKenpachi: he is jungler MrKenpachi: hahaha MrKenpachi: what a kid MrKenpachi: this vayn LOL MrKenpachi: report vayne MrKenpachi: we will if u repoort vayn MrKenpachi: dat chase MrKenpachi: gg rengo afk MrKenpachi: gg vayne toxic and flaming MrKenpachi: gg no adc
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